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For The Sender

For The Sender is a book and album written by songwriter Alex Woodard and Grammy-Award winning, platinum-selling artists about real-life letters.StandUp For Kids will receive 50% of net proceeds of book sales. Get your book today at!

Helping The Homeless

By Rebecca Simms, Marketing Intern, SUFK Seattle We care about helping the homeless population in our community. How do we take the first step? Here are some simple actions we can take to work toward our common goal. Get Educated Did you know that 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness ...

Jimmy’s Story

Jimmy has been a street kid for the past 4 years, since he was 15. The outreach team found Jimmy playing his guitar outside of Horton Plaza and began building a relationship with him. Initially, Jimmy presented like a traveler and was just "hanging out temporarily" in San Diego but as time ...

LeAnn Rimes shot a music video with some of our youth

LeAnn Rimes shot a video for her song "Give" with a lot of the homeless and street youth that we work with on a daily basis. Check out the video below.