San Diego

Welcome to StandUp for Kids – San Diego, where hope meets action and change is fueled by compassion. Since 1990, we’ve been the heartbeat of transformation for homeless youth, and we invite you to join us in making a difference.

In the heart of San Diego, our chapter stands tall as the pioneering force behind StandUp for Kids. Together, we’ve built a haven for vulnerable youth, offering four core programs that embody our commitment to their well-being:

  • Outreach Drop-In Center
  • Street Outreach
  • Mentoring
  • Housing Support

The alarming rise in teen homelessness paints a bleak picture. These young souls, caught in the crossfire of human traffickers, pornographers, and gangs, endure unimaginable horrors just to survive. At StandUp for Kids – San Diego, we are their fortress against the shadows, offering a sanctuary of safety and support.

Our commitment goes beyond reacting; it’s about preventing the cycle of despair. We focus on providing a lifeline of resources and services, guiding homeless youth on their courageous journey towards self-sufficient adulthood.

Experience the profound impact of our initiatives:

  1. Send-A-Kid Home Program: Reuniting kids with responsible family members, offering a safe and secure haven.
  2. Snack & Shower Program: Extending a caring hand to kids living in cars, providing essential services.
  3. Housing Support: Empowering young adults into both temporary and permanent housing, offering rental assistance, furnishings, and navigation.
  4. Mentoring: Matching youth with compassionate mentors to navigate barriers, find resources, build life skills, and become self-sufficient adults.
  5. Outreach Center: is more than just a space; it’s a haven where homeless youth find solace. A place to share a meal, do laundry, shower, seek employment, and rest.
  6. Street & Community Outreach: is the bedrock of our efforts. Volunteers meet youth where they are, providing life-saving resources in streets, cars, parks, and riverbeds.

Join us in crafting a future where no youth stands alone, where every story is a testament to the transformative power of compassion. Together, we stand up for a brighter tomorrow. Will you stand with us for those who need it most?

Meet the StandUp for Kids – San Diego team!