Walk For MA Children Donations At $820 and Still Coming In

May 4, 2017

BIG THANK YOU to Roosevelt Westbrook for a $500 donation to StandUp For Kids – Worcester at the event.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the Walk For MA Children and the event at Cafe Reyes on April 29th during the StandUp For Kids’ 48 HOURS .

BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE WALKERS:  Sue, Tim, Tammy, Donna, Ann, Nancy, Paula, Leo, Lisa, Desiree and her 2 little brothers, Iteesha, Ms. D. and Wayne the van driver.

The Walk for MA Children followed Route 9 from Northborough to Leicester. The hills were a little long and tough, but the company was great! 

The Event after the walk was at Cafe Reyes at 421 Shrewsbury Street. The cafe provides needed jobs and work skills for the men in recovery at the Hector Reyes House. Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty surprised us with a quick visit and a photo op. Donna Katsoudas, Executive Director of the Worcester program, talked of the history of StandUp For Kids and how SUFK is helping homeless youths in Worcester. She said the prevention of youth homelessness would start in the home with supporting families and youth in foster care. Councilor Khrystian King, a Department of Children and Families counselor of 20 years, was the perfect person to present the proclamations Sue Cramer, a retired DCF worker, put together.Councilor King and Sue Cramer presented the proclamations to Donna. Jonathan, the General Manager of Cafe Reyes, spoke about the programs at Cafe Reyes. His talk left everyone feeling very touched.

The Walkers

Thank you to Councilor Khrystian King for coming to the event. Councilor King and the SUFK group with Jonathan at Cafe Reyes.

SUFK Poster Board at the event.

Councilor King presents Donna Katsoudas with Child Abuse Prevention Proclamation

Susan Cramer and Councilor King Presenting Donna with Foster Care Proclamation.

Jonathan, Cafe Reyes General Manager, informed us how Cafe Reyes is helping the men at Hector Reyes House learn job skills and transition to the work force.

Walk for MA Children sponsors for the complete walk across MA.

Thank you Mayor Petty for the surprise visit. Mayor Joseph Petty with the SUFK group at the Walk For MA Children Event.