Kitsap County

StandUp for Kids – Kitsap County is an organization whose primary mission is to assist homeless and at-risk kids in their efforts to improve their lives. We help youth ages 12-24 and are funded solely by community and individual donations. 86 cents of each dollar donated are used directly for our homeless and at-risk youth in Kitsap County, 8 cents per dollar goes towards administrative expenses and 6 cents per dollar goes toward fundraising. We are honored to be awarded a four star rating by Charity Navigator and platinum status by Guidestar for financial transparency.

At the present time, StandUp for Kids – Kitsap County provides various types of support through the following educational locations along with one private sector location: 

Discovery Alternative High School, Kitsap Mental Health, South Kitsap High School, Renaissance, Open Door, Drawbridge, Grad Point, Shield, Bremerton High Office, Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, Mt. View Middle School, Barker Creek’s Alternative School, American Sign Language Office at Olympic High School, Suquamish Afterschool Program, Olympic College SING program, Olympic College Student Government Group and Food Bank, West Sound Technical Center, Youth Build, Kingston High School, Native American Kingston High School, Choice Academy, Kingston Middle School, North Kitsap High School Nurse’s Office, PathWays to Success and C.J.’s General Store & Deli.

How our donations are used: 

For some teens, school meals are their primary source of food. Consequently, they go hungry on weekends and holidays. Several years ago, StandUp for Kids – Kitsap County began using a ‘Backpack Program’ whereby students can pick up a pack of food on Friday (currently averaging 1100 food bags per month), which is enough to tide them over the weekend. The cost of the food is approximately $10 (for six meals) per student per weekend – approximately $400 per student per year. We work primarily through all of the schools mentioned above to reach our homeless and at-risk youth in need. We also partner up with C.J.’s General Store & Deli and Pathways to Success. 

StandUp for Kids – Kitsap County uses each and every donation judiciously. We are committed to helping teens stay in school, graduate and become productive members of society. We coordinate with many local agencies in Kitsap County to maximize our efforts, which frequently works both ways. No one in Kitsap County receives a salary – we are all volunteers!