Meet our Staff

Our national office, located in Decatur, Georgia, is a central hub of activity for our locations across the country, and for people and organizations that seek to partner with StandUp for Kids. Our competent staff oversee our financial, technological, development, and programmatic operations.

Rob Ballard
Director, Human Resources


Brian Haslip
Manager, Information Technology


Erin Murphy

Kim Sisson<br />
Manager, Chapter Development

Kim Sisson
Manager, Chapter Development 

Laurie Tinc
Administrative Coordinator

Allison Wray<br />
Accounting Clerk

Allison Wray
Accounting Associate

In some of our local programs, we also employ staff members through positions that are funded entirely through local dollars. Visit Where We Are to meet our highly skilled, dedicated and heartful staff members in a city near you.

If you would like to view compensation policies for Senior Level positions, please contact [email protected].