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HulaFrog’s Most Loved Non-Profit!

StandUp For Kids - Worcester tied for "Most Loved Non-Profit" in Worcester. Thanks to all the followers of Hulafrog!

Homeless In Orange County

Homeless in Orange County from T V on Vimeo.A non-profit documentary about the unexpectedly harrowing experience of being a homeless youth in one of America's wealthiest counties.

Jimmy’s Story

Jimmy has been a street kid for the past 4 years, since he was 15. The outreach team found Jimmy playing his guitar outside of Horton Plaza and began building a relationship with him. Initially, Jimmy presented like a traveler and was just "hanging out temporarily" in San Diego but as time ...

LeAnn Rimes shot a music video with some of our youth

LeAnn Rimes shot a video for her song "Give" with a lot of the homeless and street youth that we work with on a daily basis. Check out the video below.