🌊 StandUp for Kids Oceanside: Creating Waves of Change since 2001 

In 2001, we became a beacon for youth, nurturing growth through our drop-in center. A place of hope, safety, and belonging for youth. Like many others, Aileen found solace in our care—StandUp for Kids provided more than shelter; it became a haven of support. “Kim and Jackie were like family, offering guidance when life felt unbearable.”

Misse remembers what StandUp for Kids support meant to her: In my darkest hour, when hope seemed lost, StandUp restored my faith.” Seven years later, I still keep in touch with those angels who encouraged and supported me in changing my life. These volunteers, my angels, taught me to love and stand up for myself. Now a mother, wife, homeowner, and businesswoman, I aim to give back what I was so freely given.

Facing Challenges in 2023:

This year has been challenging for us all. Unable to fully recover from the pandemic, coupled with the loss of our dear Jackie and a steep decline in financial support, we’ve had to make a hard decision to close our doors. As we announce our drop-in center’s closure on December 31, 2023, our commitment to youth remains unshaken. Despite the closure, our reach expands through our street and community outreach team, ensuring every youth feels our warmth. The journey doesn’t end; it evolves.

🚀 Launching Road Map to Success in 2024: Navigating Bright Futures in Schools 🚀

In 2024, our goal is to launch our “Road Map to Success” program. The RMTS program serves at-risk youth experiencing homelessness within the school system, boasting a 100% graduation rate over the last three years. The RMTS program provides virtual and in-person wrap-around case management, mentoring, tutors, necessities, connectivity, and guidance for a successful high school graduation and beyond.

Be the Change:

  • Donate: Your donation can provide a lifeline to a young person in need. Give today and help us create brighter futures for youth. Donate Now
  • Volunteer: Stay involved. Shape the future. Your time makes a lasting impact. Email us today at [email protected] to learn more.
  • Advocate: Spread the word. Support youth on their journey to self-sufficiency.

Join us in creating brighter futures for youth. Donate, volunteer, or advocate today.