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March 14 2023

Salons offer free haircuts to homeless young adults

Inside StandUp for Kids and Hair Proud’s A Cut Above initiative. by Eric BergerMarch 09, 2023 (Photo credit: Getty Images) For young adults, a ...

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March 8 2023

From seeing the bigger picture to challenging the status quo, women are changing the world

For Women's History Month, StandUp For Kids is putting the spotlight on Maya Moore, Deja Foxx, Jeannette Rankin and Jacki McKinney. Did you know ...

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February 15 2023

Building Bonds That Last – Justine & Brittany, 15 Years Later

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  [pictured left to right: Brittany and Justine] Looking back on the last 15 years together, Justine (Executive ...

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January 31 2023

Meet Sarah

StandUp for Kids - Tucson Sarah Bedor is a passionate young woman determined to make a difference in the Tucson community. She got her ...

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January 31 2023

Meet Jon

StandUp for Kids - Tucson  My name is Jon Smith, I’m a Tucson native that grew up in the Northwest side and graduated from Ironwood Ridge ...

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January 26 2023

Ensuring Food Security - Lili's Impact

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  In August 2022, StandUp for Kids – Orange County received a fantastic addition to our volunteer team, ...

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January 4 2023

Peter's Experience as a Virtual Mentor

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  Meet Peter, one of our incredible mentors at StandUp for Kids. He was introduced to the organization through ...

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January 4 2023

Meet Francisco: Emergency Shelter to Home Sweet Home

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  After being kicked out of the house by his mom in 2021, Francisco (21) left in his car and drove to Las ...

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November 18 2022

Jasmine and Rachel - A Story of Hope, Encouragement, and Bonds

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  Jasmine, a young girl from Montevallo, California, moved to Huntington Beach and started attending ...

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November 10 2022

Darshell's story

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  I was 15 when I got pregnant with twins. Their father, 21, was very abusive to me and he was cheating. When I ...

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