The Thrive Plan

Our Thrive Plan refers to the services that prepare homeless and at-risk youth who serve time to reenter society and build successful futures. Our approach is to establish partnerships with the community and its resources to ensure the delivery of needed services and supervision so our youth are not only surviving but thriving. 

Homeless youth returning to the community face a variety of challenges (lack of support, no place to live, obstacles to education and employment). These challenges can affect successful reintegration and we want to overcome some of the challenges of transitioning youth from institutional settings back into community settings while also reducing their recidivism rates.

Our program offers:

  • 1:1 mentoring to support the positive development of youth with practical skill sets, improving self-esteem and reduce further delinquency
  • Navigate through any obstacles for continued education and employment
  • Provide a way to honor any community service hours they have to fulfill
  • Ensure they are prepared for court appearances and any obligations by the court
  • Assist with the burdens of court fees/fines
  • Explore the possibility of expungement/record clearance

We want to provide our youth with a fighting chance to be empowered to live a productive, law abiding life.