Street Outreach

Street Outreach - SUFK

In a nutshell

Volunteers in nearly every city we operate walk the streets in known “hotspots” and other areas where youth congregate, in order to distribute food, clothing, hygiene products, resource information, and referrals. Our volunteers make it a point to be accessible at consistent times each week in order to build relationships with homeless youth, and help ensure they get connected to other programs we provide, as well as important community resources that we trust.

Meeting and engaging youth

Street Outreach counselors go on the streets and try to reach homeless kids. The single greatest need for homeless and street kids is continuous caring and real support.

A viable street outreach program is not solely concerned with finding homeless kids who are interested in staying in a shelter.

While identifying kids who may require shelter assistance, support must also be provided to those who, for one reason or another:

(1) have to live on the streets,

(2) aren’t ready for more of the establishment,

(3) are afraid to go to a shelter,

(4) have a police record and fear incarceration, or

(5) are afraid that they will be sent home.

Street Outreach encompasses:

  • Providing vital information regarding available resources to meet their needs, including housing, education, employment, medical, mental health and other support services
  • Providing food, clothing and hygiene products
  • Harm reduction counseling to address the risks associated with street life

Where are our Street Outreach programs?

15 locations:  Arizona (Tucson), California (Orange County, San Diego, Silicon Valley), Colorado (Denver), District of Columbia, Georgia (Atlanta), Illinois (Chicago), Massachusetts (Worcester), Ohio (Cleveland), Texas (Houston, San Antonio), Virginia (Hampton Roads), Washington (Kitsap County, Seattle).