Washington, D.C.

Welcome to StandUp For Kids - Washington DC!

Since May 2011, we have been connecting homeless and at-risk youth in DC to much-needed services around the District.  We engage youth through street outreach and outreach centers at different locations throughout the city. The work we do is a very effective combination of StandUp For Kids activities and collaborations with other youth-serving organizations. As a nimble, all-volunteer organization, we are able to pay attention to the details and provide our youth with the tools for success. Further, with the support of a national network, we always deploy best-practices and top-notch services!

Services Provided

  • Street Outreach: The first and most important step in engaging homeless youth is consistency. Meeting kids where they are at and showing up on a consistent basis are key to building trusting relationships. Establishing that connection lets kids know that there are adults who genuinely care about them and their well-being. Creating this essential bond is the first step toward helping these kids get off the streets and live a better life. Street Outreach counselors go out to the streets to reach homeless kids. DC's outreach counselors hit the streets to connect with District youth every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. If you want to be a counselor, check out the steps to get involved.
  • Drop-In Center: Every Monday with our nonprofit partners, we hold a drop-in center for youth in the area! In the center, youth can breathe and are supported by good company. We are able to connect youth to housing, employment, and human resources and services and provide them food, HIV/AIDS testing, job training, and movie screenings. We are always developing new programs and partnerships to further lift up our youth!


  • As a volunteer with StandUp For Kids you will have the opportunity to engage directly with youth in ways that are effective and impactful. Becoming a volunteer is easy. There is an online orientation and self-paced training followed by an in-person training. The entire process is outlined on our Training ScheduleHead over now to get started with our online orientation

What’s Next

It is truly an exciting time to be a part of StandUp! We are greatly expanding our programming and plan to unveil new resources, nonprofit partnerships, and a mentorship program in the coming months! If you want to volunteer, partner, or contribute in-kind donations, please email JoshB@standupforkids.org.