13 kids die on the street every day.
The mission of standup is to help street kids.
Will you standup for kids?

"I lived on the streets and slept in doorways. I begged for food on corners and ate out of dumpsters. I bathed in the river. The help StandUp For Kids provided for me was amazing. Thank you for your faith in all of us."


Will You StandUp For Kids?

The mission is to end the cycle of youth homelessness throughout the United States.

We do this, every day, in cities across America. We carry out our mission through our volunteers who go to the streets in order to find, stabilize and otherwise help homeless and street kids improve their lives.

If you are a youth in need of assistance, please contact us on our outreach line at 1-888-365-4543.


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StandUp For Kids



Thanks to you, all of this happened

Thank you for making 2016 yet another amazing year for StandUp For Kids!  You’ll be so proud of all we’ve accomplished together.

2016 was one of our most successful years ever in our 27-year history. We are now a platinum-level member of Guidestar, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and great financial stewardship of donor funding, and, because you care, youth were able to access our services over 18,000 times. We think you’ll also be delighted to know:

We’ve strengthened our Street Outreach, Outreach Center, Mentoring, and Apartment Support programs across our vast service network in 17 cities in ten states and the nation’s capital, relying on the pro-bono support of nearly 500 community volunteers, and the financial investment of people like you. During 2016, we added two additional Outreach Centers for our youth and held a large national conference in Irvine, California.

We were able to reunite approximately 200 runaway or homeless youth with their families.

We expanded our High School Mentoring Programs (and now 60 percent of chapters have a mentoring program). One of our programs alone completed the 2015-16 school year with 55 mentor pairs and projects that 85 will work together through the end of the 2016-17 year.

As one example of how we prepare vulnerable youth for the future, our Orange County Program launched a new STEM Program, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a 15-week course. Students will have access to skilled tutoring, the opportunity to create a grade-level science project and online resources to develop their science skills and career plans.

In 2017, we commit to continuing these gains while increasing services to homeless youth and keeping our overhead expenses low (15%) and in-line withthe industry average. Your continued support is vital so that we can transform our national program support operations to:

Increase our capacity to train and provide technical assistance to volunteers at all levels in our existing 17 locations.

Help at least three new chapters open or re-open with sustainable volunteers and/or paid leaders.

Transform our data reporting methods so that we can contribute to a more accurate picture of youth homelessness in the United States.

Launch a brand new website to help connect youth in need, and also direct volunteers, donors, and the public to the people and information they need.

Funnel more national resources toward the local level where they can support direct aid, like food, clothing, and hygiene necessities, job training programs, and much more.

StandUp For Kids is stronger than ever because of you, and other generous supporters just like you. Thank you for donating your time, resources, and talent in support of our important mission and allowing us to continue to designing caring communities that help youth thrive, rather than merely survive.

Now it’s up to us to make sure that StandUp For Kids has the resources to keep up its life-changing programs and advocacy in 2017. Please, join me in supporting StandUp For Kids and DONATE today.

We are indebted to you for your faithful support of StandUp For Kids! 

Warm wishes for the new year, 


Mike Zelnio
Chairman of The Board 


StandUp For Kids is a Platinum-level GuideStar Exchange participant, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.


3 Star Charity