The Bridge Between Housing and Health

Apr 18, 2023

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

Stability is the key to success. A stable and affordable home provides better opportunities and outcomes in regards to employment, health and education. As CalOptima Health CEO Michael Hunn states, “simply put, housing is health”. In an effort to provide permanent supportive housing to Orange County’s most vulnerable population, CalOptima granted $29.9 million in grants to 29 organizations. Standup For Kids is fortunate to be among one of the 29 recipients of this generous grant!

Awarded $198,024 from the equity grant category, designed specifically for underrepresented groups such as youth, all funds will go towards our Journey To Self Sufficiency Program. Our program guides youth through the five basic stages a youth needs to achieve housing.

Upon intake, the youth is then paired with a mentor and assesses the youths immediate needs. Once the youths immediate needs have been met, together the youth and mentor not only set goals but then come up with a plan that will help the youth achieve these goals.

CalOptima’s commitment to prevent and address California’s housing insecurity will further support SUFK’s mission. Our Journey to Self Sufficiency program is designed with the end goal being stability through long term housing. CalOptima’s generosity will help expand the information, tools, and resources a youth requires in order to begin their journey. Our program not only provides youth with the skills and resources required but also instills confidence, thus giving them a sense of purpose to achieve their goals.