September 2021 Supporter Spotlight: Billy Huynh

Sep 22, 2021

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

When children are young, they dream of being doctors, firefighters, or even astronauts. However, for Billy Huynh, his dream of telling a compelling story started in middle school. Billy is a writer in our communications department. He graduated from Cal State Fullerton in the Spring of 2020 with a journalism degree and has worked endlessly on providing Stand Up For Kids – Orange County with the best writing pieces for our website.

Billy first became involved with StandUp For Kids – Orange County in the fall of 2020, interning in the journalism, video, and podcast committee. Billy wrote many stories that we used on our web blog, social media, and online and print newsletters to raise awareness for the organization. He is now part of the journalism, video, and podcast committee as a blog writer and marketing team member.

Billy has always provided a helping hand in many organizations to give back to the community. In high school, Billy was involved in the CNH Kiwin Club, which is an organization that allows you to cooperate with principals and teachers and help volunteer. He engaged with Corazon de Vida Foundation, which is another organization that works with the youth. While volunteering with Corazon de Vida, Billy noticed he loved giving back to the community, which later brought him to StandUp for Kids. In StandUp for Kids – Orange County, Billy found that he felt “more fulfilled in the work he was actually doing.”

Billy’s primary connection and goal with StandUp for Kids – Orange County is “to help bring eqaulity and opportunity to those who currently don’t have the resources to support themselves.” Billy gets along very well with the other volunteers bringing the best work to help spread awareness and end the cycle of youth homelessness. Billy loves to “tell a story whether it’s a youth, volunteer, donor, or organizations involved.”

Billy is always looking for new ways to tell the story of StandUp for Kids – Orange County and the youth they serve. He hopes to one day see StandUp for Kids – Orange County grow through awareness, including podcasts, video stories, and a visual representation. Billy aspires to be a leader at StandUp for Kids helping through his creativity and content.

Billy enjoys being able to sit down and interview some of the youth and hear their stories. He finds so much bravery and strength with the youth and hearing how they overcame their obstacles in life. Billy believes bringing awareness can help transform the issue of youth homelessness. “When people think of the homeless population, they have an image of who these people are. They don’t think of youth, so it is essential to bring awareness that kids are sleeping in their cars and don’t have resources.” We admire Billy and appreciate his positivity and creativeness. If you want to impact youth lives like Billy, please email us at [email protected] today!