Monthly Giving Ensures Steady Support

Mar 21, 2019

  1.     What is Monthly Giving?

StandUp For Kids provides you with the opportunity to impact the lives of homeless youth in your community without having to dedicate any time from your busy schedule. The Monthly Giving Program allows you to choose the amount you wish to give, automatically receives it each month and immediately puts your donation to use to help children in need in your city and cities nationwide.

  1.     Why is it important?

With the help of our Monthly Giving Program, we were able to offer support and services to 53,929 youth in 2018 alone – as well as provide 29,501 meals, support 2,107 kids with first-time unduplicated services and deliver medical care to 186 children and reunite 31 kids with their families. None of this would be made possible if it weren’t for our Monthly Donors, or our “Champions For Youth.” Your monthly donation can allow us to reach even more youth in need.

  1.     How do I become a Champion for Youth?

You can easily become a Monthly Giver, or Champion for Youth, by visiting our donation page and following just a few steps.

First, select the amount you would like to donate or write in a specific desired amount in the “Other” box. Next, choose your donation’s frequency – once, monthly or annual. Then, either designate your donation to the National Office and let us direct the funds where they are most needed or, choose a program in your community. Lastly, enter your payment information via credit or debit card. Now you are on your way to impacting the lives of homeless youth, both in your community and across the county.

Recurring donations are the best way to give steady support to StandUp For Kids and we greatly appreciate our donors for seeing the value in their monthly giving!

Are you ready to start giving monthly? Act now!

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