Al’s Story: A Path to New Beginnings

Mar 20, 2019

StandUp For Kids – Orange County

Born in Uganda and abandoned by his parents at age 6, Al moved to the US with his aunt, uncle and sister when he was 10, but only to discover more obstacles and mental abuse. He does not have fond memories of his childhood; his father was addicted to drugs and alcohol and his mother could no longer afford to take care of him and his sister. After years of neglect and an abusive upbringing, Al began to use marijuana as a way to ease his pain, depression and insomnia – he was introduced to marijuana by his father at age 5.

As a result of legal issues involving domestic abuse, Al moved out of his uncle’s house and began sleeping in a shed provided by a friend’s mother. In February, Al met a StandUp For Kids Mentor and on February 18, his mentor informed Al about an opening in a sober living home. Al struggled internally as he was unsure if he could follow the structure and keep up with the meetings, chores and work that was required. He decided to try it. Although it has been a difficult transition and a lifelong struggle for Al, he has kept up with his meetings, chores and work as well as applying and interviewing for full time jobs.

In developing his passion for music, Al records songs and videos in his free time and uses it as a way to express himself and steer clear of substance abuse. We are proud of Al ’s strength and determination to abstain from substances and facing life head on. We look forward to receiving updates on his future achievements.

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