Meet Carter Wilson, A Local Artist Doing Good In The Community

Feb 5, 2019

This blog post was written by StandUp for Kids – Olympia/Thurston County

In short, tell us who you are.

I’m a community member, artist, and organizer. I believe in the strength of connectivity. Intentional communication fosters specific action and lasting impact and I do what I can to create opportunities. I am a champion of authentic expression and I live by my word.

Why StandUp for Kids? What made us stand out above the rest?

StandUp For Kids stood out to me because of the simple word used in their mission statement: ‘empower’. 

A child has very little control over the circumstance they are born into. I am in support of every organization that operates with that notion in mind. Many organizations provide resources in order to save someone but lasting impact isn’t always achieved or sustained because the people haven’t had enough access to the tools needed to help themselves. It’s hard to know how to use certain resources strategically if you haven’t been empowered to know how to help yourself first. A large part of StandUp for Kids is the 1-1 mentoring program where the youth are able to have consistent support. Sometimes just the presence of an outside voice who genuinely cares is enough to build towards sustained impact.

What do you hope your music would bring to the youth on the streets?

I think about the role that the music can play as a tool. It’s a different kind of currency that creates situations where artists and community members can collaborate. Events like the Live Installation generate positive momentum and material goods for those in need. Music is at the core of that.

What do you hope to accomplish with this event?

This event will generate local awareness of the youth who are living on the streets and of the work that StandUp for Kids has been doing to empower them. This event will also demonstrate to the community how easy it is to consolidate resources to create sustained impact. I’m just a single person doing what I can between working multiple jobs and school and creating art. Imagine the impact a legitimate coalition will have. There is a natural relationship between artists, local businesses, and non-profits that can be strengthened and leveraged to serve the community more effectively. Each party has its own constituencies which can work together to strategize in new ways. The common goal of symbiotic sustainability is actualized through organized cooperation and consistent communication. The formation of this new coalition is the next step. 

If there was one thing you want to tell our youth, what would it be?

I would rather listen actively than be another passive voice throwing itself at you. Your perspective is something the community needs to hear immediately. What do you need? How can we help you get it? Authentic expression is a powerful tool and your voice must be heard. I admire your organization a lot and I’m interested in ways to continue support beyond the February 8th show.

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