May 2020 Supporter Spotlight: Jeanine Moss

May 13, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Orange County

Homeless youth are always in crisis. Whether it’s a violent home, neglect and abandonment, or a worldwide pandemic, homeless youth can’t “shelter in place.” 

That’s the reality Jeanine Moss was moved by when she reached out to support StandUp for Kids in 2019 since moving back to the Southland after several decades working in branding, marketing and business development in New York City. 

This month, StandUp for Kids recognizes Jeanine Moss with the distinction of Supporter of the Month for May 2020. 

Jeanine came to StandUp for Kids with an extensive background in branding and marketing having worked with some of the largest charities and nonprofits in the United States. At The September 11th Fund she worked with hundreds of nonprofits in New York to help victims’ families and communities recover from the tragedy, and went on to support the efforts of The United Way of America and The American Red Cross among many others. 

Jeanine came to StandUp for Kids with ideas for programs and worked directly with various age groups before applying her extensive marketing experience to help get more people involved.  

“I found StandUp for Kids because I was looking to support efforts targeting at-risk youth. When I saw that StandUp for Kids was finding kids on the streets and bringing them in, making a life plan with them and helping them execute on that plan, I knew I wanted to help,” Jeanine told us. 

Jeanine grew up on the mean streets of Venice Beach in the 60’s and 70’s, which helped her understand that just one touch from a concerned adult could make all the difference in a young person’s life. 

“A lot of the kids in Venice were on their own with no parental supervision. When I thought about why some of us made it and others didn’t even live beyond junior high,  I realized that the only way to get the skills you need to survive is if someone takes an interest in you  – so decided to prioritize that.” 

Jeanine is an advisory board member for StandUp for Kids – Orange County assisting with the organization’s marketing and branding. Since she started working with us, she’s helped guide our communications in fundraising, partnerships, social media and PR, and made a big difference in how we explain what we do. You’ll meet her at our events, see her handiwork in our newsletters, and hopefully soon, we’ll raise a glass together again at our annual gala. 

StandUp for Kids – Orange County provides guidance and mentorship to homeless youth ages 12-24 almost exclusively through volunteers, guided by a small paid staff. During Covid-19, dozens of new volunteers have stepped up, knowing the intense hardship the virus is exacting on this already vulnerable population.

Like other volunteers and mentors at StandUp for Kids, Jeanine continues to use her creativity to identify new ways to support our kids during this difficult time.   

StandUp for Kids thanks Jeanine and all our new supportersWe’re always looking for more help, so if you have a heart for kids and want to get involved please email [email protected] and get started today!