Giving Up Is Never A Choice: Natalee’s Journey Towards Stability

Sep 6, 2022

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

We’ve all heard the saying “two under 2” is tough. Now imagine three kids, all under the age of five, while also experiencing homelessness. While it may feel like the odds are against her some days, Natalee nevertheless keeps on persevering.

 At 24 years old, this mother of three and her husband had been experiencing homelessness for months, as they had fallen on hard times regardless of Natalee’s husband working full-time. Despite her circumstances, Natalee tried her best to accomplish what she could with grace. She never complained, showed any anger, or showed she was having a bad day otherwise, all for the sake of her kids. During their stays at either motels or shelters, Natalee often found herself worrying about whether and when she would find the stability she was longing for her and her little family. Well the day has finally arrived!

After being introduced to StandUp For Kids, Natalee’s case manager got her into the Rapid Re-housing Program or RRH. “The goal of RRH is to increase or maintain income to be able to keep paying rent after the rental assistance ends”. After signing a lease in July, Natalee’s family moved into a quaint, but safe and clean, space. Her kids now have a place to play and be kids while Natalee prepares home-cooked meals for her family. StandUp For Kids has provided furniture such as a bed, additional bedding, dressers, and cleaning supplies for the new place they call home. 

As Natalee is one step closer to stability, her next plan is to focus on employment while her kids are in school, practice budgeting, and continuing to provide stability for her children. We admire Natalee’s resilience in ensuring her children are in the most comfortable and safest environment possible despite the circumstances. StandUp for Kids is proud to help a young family achieve housing stability and we wish Natalee, her husband and their kids a happy new home!