Meet Francisco: Emergency Shelter to Home Sweet Home

Jan 4, 2023

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

After being kicked out of the house by his mom in 2021, Francisco (21) left in his car and drove to Las Vegas, where he said he was searching for a fresh start. He ended up living out of his vehicle and was hesitant to seek help. After a month, he returned to Orange County, where he called 211, an emergency number for housing assistance.

Francisco was connected with a local shelter. He felt out of place in the shelter; some people there were older than him and used drugs. Francisco would search for employment and visit friends, which made him feel like “a normal person” for a short time. While at the shelter, he was connected with StandUp for Kids.

Francisco was a canidate for the Garden Grove Rapid Rehousing program. Through this process he was actively seeking employment and he was hired by Santa Ana Unified School District as an assistant for an elementary school. He also successfully found a room to rent and he moved in on October 1st.

Because of your support, Francisco has been able to recieve rental assistance, a bed and other household items, help with transportation, groceries, and hygiene products!

With StandUp for Kids, Francisco can discuss his past and express his emotions; he is used to dealing with his struggles alone but at his weekly mentoring meetings he feels comfortable opening up. Francisco says his long-term goal is to save money, improve his communication with his family and find stability. He says he can now plan for his future with the support from StandUp for Kids.