Jasmine and Rachel – A Story of Hope, Encouragement, and Bonds

Nov 18, 2022

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

Jasmine, a young girl from Montevallo, California, moved to Huntington Beach and started attending Westminster High School, searching for a fresh start.

However, her troubles followed her wherever she went. Jasmine’s mom was in and out of the house due to addiction. Although she did get sober, Jasmine was left alone to navigate life during the impressionable years.

At 18, her mom told her that she needed to move out. With no one to help, Jasmine sought assistance within her new community of Orange County. Fortunately, she stumbled upon StandUp for Kids, seeking help with a place to stay.

Jasmine, now a high school senior, reached out to StandUp for Kids and was immediately given attention and direction to help her situation. Things settled, and she began living with her sister. StandUp for Kids matched Jasmine with a mentor named Rachel. The two would soon develop a strong bond and friendship.

Rachel herself was on her journey and recently made a career change from engineering to social work and psychology. Around the time that Jasmine reached out to StandUp for Kids, Rachel also reached out to get involved.

Jasmine has ambitious future goals. She wants to complete school and eventually go to college. Jasmine is passionate about beauty and cosmetology and would love to pursue a career. Through their mentoring relationship, Rachel encourages Jasmine as she strives to meet her goals. Together they celebrate her accomplishments.

Rachel has witnessed Jasmine’s growth and increased confidence. Rachel recalled that Jasmine seemed unsure of herself when they started working together. Rachel has found fulfillment and purpose through the StandUp for Kids mentoring program, walking alongside Jasmine and seeing her grow into the strong, confident woman she is today. Her resilience has shown through her willingness to figure things out and tackle the formidable challenges of everyday life.

Not only does Jasmine love her mentor, Rachel, but she also believes that this is a life-changing relationship. She states, “StandUp for Kids has helped me tremendously. I don’t know where I would be right now if it were not for StandUp for Kids.”

StandUp for Kids helped Jasmine turn her life around in a compelling way. She is no longer just trying to get by but thriving in the life she has now.