Ensuring Food Security – Lili’s Impact

Jan 26, 2023

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

In August 2022, StandUp for Kids – Orange County received a fantastic addition to our volunteer team, Lili! She currently attends Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA, pursuing her degree in Liberal Studies. Slated to graduate in 2025, she is eager to utilize her time here at StandUp for Kids to impact youth throughout the county and gain transferable experience toward her goal of becoming an elementary school teacher.

Her primary role at StandUp for Kids is her involvement in our WeDeliver program. Her day-to-day activities include:

  • Organizing and stocking our food pantry when we receive new donations.
  • Packaging food delivery orders.
  • Delivering groceries to our youth in need.

Growing up, Lili witnessed friends and schoolmates struggling with food security; she said she was lucky enough not to worry about food security but was made very aware of the issue. She has since wanted to provide healthy food to youth and families in need.

Lili stated, “I would encourage anyone considering volunteering to do it. It’s an extremely heartwarming experience to physically see and be an active part of making a difference in Orange County. Every donation goes a long way with all the youth at StandUp for Kids. Donations come in different variations too, so whether it be donations of time or energy, or physical donations like food, supplies, or finances, all of it goes directly to the youth experiencing homelessness.”

Having been with the organization for over five months, Lili understands how these experiences volunteering and serving have helped her too. “[Interning here] has made me a better, more well-rounded individual. It makes such an impact on you as well when you actively see the need firsthand. I’m grateful for the opportunity to intern with StandUp for Kids.”

You can be an active part in fighting youth homelessness, just like Lili! We are always looking for more volunteers, interns, mentors, and donors to make a positive change in our local community!