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StandUp for Kids Commits to "48 Hours on the Streets" Campaign to Help Homeless Youth

April 14 2022

Volunteers across the U.S. to meet homeless youth where they are, while raising awareness of the dangers typically faced in the first two days without shelter Atlanta, GA--(PRNewswire)--StandUp for Kids, a national non-profit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of youth homelessness, announced that its "48 Hours on the Streets" public service campaign - an annual event since its founding 31 years ago - will take place from April 22-24. StandUp for Kids hopes this call to action will elevate awareness of youth homelessness and the dangers typically faced in the first two days without shelter, which often include being approached by drug dealers and being lured into ...

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Thank Yous From Kitsap County

January 5 2021

StandUp for Kids - Kitsap County Kitsap Bank, we celebrate you on your fourth year in serving our community through our chapter. We have no words for the gratitude we felt picking up your donation of food bags. Collecting 200 hundred food bags was amazing, especially during these Covid times. The contents of these bags equals to 600 meals(breakfast, lunch and dinner), along with 200 snacks. In addition to the food bags, we received $427.00 in cash donations. We’ve had so many calls from teachers and counselors requesting food bags for our youth. We are elated to assist these youth anytime and because of all of you, we are ready. May you and your staff stay healthy and continue to ...

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Thank You Federal Managers Association Chapter 14

December 10 2020

StandUp for Kids - Kitsap County What a wonderful event we had on Tuesday, sponsored by Federal Managers Association Chapter 14. These folks are amazing at giving back to their communities for the last several years. They held a food drive for us on both Saturday and Tuesday. Saturday's pickup of food was two car loads. Tuesday was another two car loads, along with a check for $500.00 and cash which was donated during the drive through.Even with the threat of COVID-19, James (President), Jennifer F. (Secretary) and their board and members made it happen . We are so grateful to all the chapter members for their continuous support.

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Thank you to Firefighters Crossing Borders!

November 24 2020

StandUp for Kids - Kitsap County Today we received an enormous gift from Firefighters Crossing Borders, a non-profit who wanted to share their surplus of gear. Joel Schwarz is a firefighter from Gig Harbor and is the Executive Director for this non-profit. This donation consisted of fire retardant sweatshirts and long sleeve wick shirts with a total count of 130 items.North Gear, located in Seattle, is the manufacturer of these items. We are so grateful to have been the beneficiary of this fantastic gift. These sweatshirts will definitely keep our youth warm. The total value of this donation was an eye popping $3,519. Thank you for choosing StandUp ...

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StandUp and Move Finishes as a Major Success

November 4 2020

StandUp and Move, a national virtual event that took place from October 8 through 12, 2020, attracted 275 participants, 340 donors, and 8 sponsors. After shattering our first goal of $50,000 before the event kicked off, we ended 19% over with proceeds totaling $59,605!   As the first event of its kind to end the cycle of youth homelessness, all participants got to choose a time, distance, and location to move. And did they ever: They ran, walked, biked, wheeled, skated,danced, and they cheered others on.  Today, thanks to this community of friends, StandUp for Kids is able to face the critical issue of youth homelessness a little bit ...

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Thank You Fred Meyer!

September 24 2020

StandUp for Kids - Kitsap County Another wonderful food pack out thanks to our local Fred Meyer in Bremerton. We are grateful to Christine, the store manager, and Michelle, her assistant, for gathering food items we use for our youth meal bags. The way this goes is that we pack four different items we use in a grocery bag, then their customers purchase these bags and we pick them up once this process is completed. Our volunteers and their team made up 500 bags. Outstanding! This is our 3rd year this has taken place. We are always elated we were selected as one of their beneficiaries. Thank you!

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