Back to School and Helping Our Youth Succeed

Aug 30, 2023

Opportunities to Build a Promising Future

Like all young people, homeless and at-risk youth are excited and nervous about the new school year. They just want to do well and fit in, and worry about their hair, clothes and how they look. But they often face additional challenges depending on where they’re living. They don’t always have daily access to a hot shower or a place to sleep. They might lack school supplies like backpacks and computers, or even a way to get to class. We’re happy to step in and fill the gaps so that they stay in school and focus on opportunities to learn, grow, get jobs, and build a promising future for themselves.

  • Homeless students are 87% more likely to drop out of school altogether vs. housed students.
  • Young adults with less than a GED were 4.5x more likely to report experiencing homelessness than their peers who completed high school.
  • Limited food sources and being hungry affects their physical and mental health, getting in the way of succeeding in school.


We love our kids and are dedicated to helping them believe they deserve a better tomorrow. A good education can be the foundation of so much of their future success. Throughout the school year, we provide the nourishment, encouragement (often just by listening and being there for them) and community resources they need to discover new paths of possibility.

How we can help to move kids forward:

Move Kids Forward

Mentors/Social Workers:
The goal of school-based mentoring is to increase high school graduation rates and foster a love for learning. To help plan for self-sufficiency, mentors and social workers act as guides and advocates to promote exploration of vocational training, college, entrepreneurship, and jobs.

Street Outreach:
Volunteers go to known hot-spots to connect with kids and hand out food packs (canned food, snack bar, fruit, bottled water), hygiene kits, sleeping bags, and resource information.

Outreach Centers:
Through educational programs, one-on-one counseling and a safe place to “just be,” we connect youth to vital resources and a support network of basic human needs (snacks, hot meals, hot showers, clothing.)

The food and supplies are awesome and much needed to help us kids through these rough times. But, what I really admire is that all of you volunteers and staff members take time out of your own lives to help us get our lives in order, so that we can learn to provide for ourselves.”

– Jonathan, StandUp for Kids Youth


Every school year holds so much possibility and these kids deserve a fresh start. Your gift of support will go to work immediately providing homeless youth with:

  • Meals
  • Mentorship
  • Education
  • Safe Housing