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Meet Quis

July 17 2017

Quis, 21 years old, grew up in Blythe, CA. He says, “Where I’m from, people are dying left and right.” His mother was a gang member and Quis ended up following in her footsteps because he said they looked out for him and protected him more than his own family did. This isn’t the life he wanted but it’s the life he was born into. Consequently, Quis ended up with severe substance abuse issues. He says that he realized he had a problem when he could not even make it into work without being under the influence. With the plan to stop using drugs and create a life for himself, Quis reached out to his cousin who encouraged him to leave Blythe and come ...

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Meet Brittany

June 21 2017

Check out the video below to meet Brittany and hear her story.

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Check out the new StandUp For Kids PSA

April 12 2017

Many thanks to one of Orange County's talented volunteers for helping us improve the lives of all homeless and otherwise vulnerable young people, with special attention here to trafficked youth.  Reality can be harsh, but programs like ours make a big difference. 

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Young Entrepreneur Academy Investor Panel Winner Named

April 11 2017

Young Entrepreneurs Seek Funding for Startups “Shark Tank Style” Jessica Cedillo accepting her award Irvine, CA (PRWEB) April 10, 2017 Jessica Cedillo, a 16-year-old student who attends Pacifica High School in Garden Grove won the top business award at the StandUp For Kids’ Young Entrepreneur (YEA!) Investor Panel. Not only does she receive $1,200 to launch her business but also she will be going to Rochester, New York on May 7 - 8 to compete amongst 26 YEA! participants from across the nation. Each participant proposed a business plan that included financial strategies, marketing plans, selling and general operations in front of a panel of investors that took place ...

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Young Entrepreneurs Face A Mock Investor Panel

March 29 2017

Pictured are:  Brian Montes (KEB Global Business Development and Strategy Management Consulting and Managing Partner, Co-Founder of Fluidity Partners & Committee Co-Chair, Business Attraction and Retention Committee at the Irvine Chamber of Commerce), Brian C. Andersen (Director of Business Development at First Class Connection), Jason Pfeiffer (Vice President - Relationship Manager at Bank of America), Daniel Han (Board of Directors, Executive Committee at the Irvine Chamber of Commerce & founder/owner of Agapay).    Thank you so much to all of you for helping prepare our young entrepreneurs for their BIG DAY on April 6th, our very own Investor Panel ...

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Mikaila's Story

March 20 2017

By: Savanna Clevenger StandUp For Kids is continuing to change the lives of the OC youth. For twenty two year old Mikaila, joining StandUp For Kids has truly changed her life. After joining the program and finding help and hope among her mentors, Mikaila says she is very happy to have found StandUp For Kids.        After facing substance abuse issues, Mikaila was introduced to StandUp For Kids by a family friend, one of the mentors in the program. Mikaila says that she was introduced to drugs when she was only sixteen, and had it not been for StandUp For Kids, she may still be in the same place she started off. StandUp For Kids assisted Mikaila with getting into a ...

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