Help Them Home 2024

Mar 19, 2024

What is Help Them Home:

One day, where everyone can band together with the same goal, and donate to non-profits aimed at combating homelessness in Orange County. On April 24th, donors will be given the opportunity to support the non-profit organization of their choice during a 24-hour window by directly donating on the Help them Home website. 

How to Participate:

To participate in Help them Home, all you must do is visit their website, go to their online portal, and choose the organization you’d like to support. All donations are tax deductible and cannot be refunded once made. Once you make your donation, your non-profit should receive the funds within 24-48 hours via GiveGab. The organization will have your name and email address solely to thank you and keep you in the loop of future activities.

Why Help Them Home is Important:

As non-profits, donations are the key to allowing us to keep assisting our communities. At StandUp for Kids, we aim to end the cycle of youth homelessness in Orange County. We have many different programs and resources that all go towards changing a youth’s life. This year, we plan to focus on our crisis prevention program: the Journey to Self-Sufficiency Program. There are five steps that the youth go through on their journey to self-sufficiency. These steps include housing, basic need support, employment readiness preparation, employment sustainability training, and financial awareness training. This program is designed so that youth can have long term success once they graduate from our program.

Last Year:

Last year, 25 organizations participated in Help them Home, and $2,243,947 was raised among 2,848 donors. Donations like these have changed and saved the lives of the homeless population in Orange County. We were able to raise $36,824 last year, and with your help, we can reach our $50,000 goal this year during Help them Home and assist youth in their journey to self-sufficiency and long-term success. For every donation, up to $10,000 will be matched by our partners.

In Conclusion:

Please consider choosing StandUp for Kids as the organization you support this year during Help Them Home. Put your money towards not only getting a youth off the streets but giving them the tools to make sure they stay off the streets. Visit our website and learn more about our cause and what we do. Your donation can be the difference in a youth’s life.

Written by: Kellie Hallworth