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May 2022 Volunteer of the Month: Leigh

June 16 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County StandUp for Kids is not only dedicated to ending the cycle of youth homelessness, but is also committed to helping volunteers find a role they are passionate about. We admire all of our volunteers’ perseverance with StandUp for Kids. One volunteer in particular stood out this last month. Leigh joined StandUp for Kids in 2019 and since then she contributed her time to various different roles. She has worked in tutoring, food delivery, events, office work, and grant writing. “I volunteered for grant writing, and that is when I really had to commit my time and talent to the organization.” Despite the obstacles faced, Leigh was determined to ...

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StandUp for Kids Commits to "48 Hours on the Streets" Campaign to Help Homeless Youth

April 14 2022

Volunteers across the U.S. to meet homeless youth where they are, while raising awareness of the dangers typically faced in the first two days without shelter Atlanta, GA--(PRNewswire)--StandUp for Kids, a national non-profit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of youth homelessness, announced that its "48 Hours on the Streets" public service campaign - an annual event since its founding 31 years ago - will take place from April 22-24. StandUp for Kids hopes this call to action will elevate awareness of youth homelessness and the dangers typically faced in the first two days without shelter, which often include being approached by drug dealers and being lured into ...

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Join Us Virtually on April 27th to Help Them Home! 24 Hours to Raise $40,000

April 8 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  One Day. $40,000. StandUp for Kids is excited to announce our participation in this year’s  Help Them Home Virtual Giving Day! On April 27, 24 organizations will come together to raise funds to end homelessness in Orange County. We will have 24 hours to meet our goal of raising 40 thousand dollars. Last year was a huge success for StandUp for Kids. We were able to raise 48 thousand dollars, beating our goal of 40 thousand. This year, our goal will be 40 thousand again. We hope to match (hopefully surpass) the success of last year. Each night, nearly thirty thousand youth are experiencing homelessness in Orange County. StandUp for Kids is ...

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Honey and Her RMTS Experience

March 30 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  Our Road Map to Success (RMTS) program supports our youth to accomplish their graduation, professional and life goals by providing a safe space with mentors who serve as role models and provide them the tools to thrive. Honey, a 17-year-old high school graduate, has only been with the program for three weeks. In just a short time, she said that she has gained a new outlook on life, with her mentors Kaitlin Rios and Xiamora Orozco guiding her to stay true to her commitments, budgeting and planning. Before StandUp for Kids, living in an unstable household, Honey lacked support in every aspect of her life. From the age of 12, when her parents divorced ...

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Recognizing 16 Years of Service to StandUp For Kids - Orange County

March 25 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  Women's history month celebrates the women who continue to create a better world through their sacrifice and dedication to foster equality, inclusivity, and humanitarianism. Executive Director Justine Palmore exemplifies all of these traits, going above and beyond to ensure that our homeless and at-risk youth are looked after and that the staff and volunteers are supported as well, inspiring everyone she contacts along the way. Sixteen years ago, Justine first began her journey with StandUp for Kids - Orange County as an intern on a small team of three conducting street outreach. Over the years, the team has grown to over 100 volunteers and nine staff ...

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February 2022 Volunteer of the Month - Nicheryl Knibb

March 15 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  At StandUp for Kids we value treating our homeless youth in creative ways, facilitating volunteer opportunities for those with a shared passion to make an impact in their own way. Nicheryl Knibb, a volunteer for the social media team here, spends most of her time caring for others. Growing up and working around her aunt’s group home she observed the obstacles and struggles that these children and adolescents faced. Although the group home closed after her aunt’s passing, this desire to give back remained ingrained and now, close to retirement, she decided that volunteering was the first step in reviving her aunt’s dream. Nicheryl is ...

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