Volunteers Making A Difference in Silicon Valley

Mar 12, 2018

Our Outreach Center, The Village, is open 5 days a week, where our volunteers help homeless youth for a couple of hours showing support and lending a caring hand.

Mario shares his story of one night making a difference.  “I’m currently helping Luis right now try to obtain his birth certificate. We are running into some issues with it and when speaking with him last night he shared with me that he has been running into all these roadblocks and it is making him want to use again. I validated his feelings of frustration and anger as well as expressed support by saying anyone in a StandUp For Kids shirt is here for him if he needs to talk and that he along with everyone else who walks through those doors is deserving of a healthy happy life, but that also it’s gonna be hard and frustrating but staying sober is the only way to make it happen.” 

The struggle is real!  Our youth are ALL going through some pretty frustrating, hard, and/or scary things, and they all want someone to care, to be heard and have their feelings validated. This  shows just how important our volunteers are to SUFK and being there for these youth.  #nonprofitlife #makingadifference #bethechange #volunteering