T’keyah’s Story: A New Beginning

Feb 19, 2018

T’keyah is a hard-working bubbly spirit whose life fell off track as she was trying to get to a better place. At 24-years-old she found herself sleeping on the floor of an apartment until StandUp For Kids came along.

Moving to Newport Beach from Bakersfield, T’keyah was looking to get out of her hometown for better opportunities by going to live with her friend. A couple months later, she found herself cleaning and taking care of a two-bedroom apartment with over six people living in it, with her friend’s mom expecting her to pay rent without an actual place to sleep.

After hearing about StandUp for Kids from a coworker, T’keyah felt hopeful she could get to a better place. Once meeting with the Orange County chapter, they worked immediately to help her find somewhere else to stay. Following her intake with Brittany, StandUp For Kids – Orange County began to help T’keyah move into her own one bedroom apartment within a week.

“I owe my life to them. If I ever was to become big and rich, I don’t know how I would repay them but I would,” T’keyah said.

She now has a new beginning thanks to StandUp For Kids and she even dreams of becoming a book writer one day. She loves to read and hopes one day she can make enough money to donate it back.

“I just feel grateful that there are people like them. Before I moved out here, I did not know there was so much help. People are willing to help you over your own family. It was a shock to me. I still feel like it is a dream to me. It still hasn’t clicked.”