Thanksgiving Luncheon: A Gathering to Give Back

Jan 19, 2024

On November 18th, StandUp for Kids held its annual Friendsgiving Luncheon at Crossing Church. Inside a modern, welcoming loft space, our staff and volunteers set up a dining area and food display for the invited families and their case managers. This annual gathering is another opportunity for StandUp for Kids to show our gratitude, care for our youth, and display a token of appreciation for the community.

We had the privilege of serving around 40 guests, comprised of our youth and their families, with a Thanksgiving meal. The assortment of food provided by staff and sponsors consisted of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, baked ham, green bean casserole, corn, ratatouille, and dinner rolls. In addition, refreshments and an array of fall-themed desserts were provided for guests to choose from.

The youth that attended the luncheon ranged from toddlers to young adult ages. The afternoon allowed for a moment of fellowship among the youth and staff as everyone mingled while they shared their meal. The loft space allowed for a lively atmosphere in the building that contained different games to entertain the youth.

Following dinner, the guests and staff gathered outside of the loft to take a group picture in the outside plaza next to a colorfully charming Christmas tree on display. The group posed for a round of group pictures before making their way back to the loft space. As the luncheon wrapped up, the guests were given boxes of leftovers of the Thanksgiving meal and dessert to take home.

Although the holiday season is joyous and festive, the holidays can be a difficult part of the year for those dealing with loss, financial hardship, and family issues. Luncheons and similar gatherings are meaningful to people who may not have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays in their personal life and meaningful to our staff that are impacted by the lives of our youth. This Thanksgiving luncheon was a wonderful start to the season of giving.

Written by Glorie Lara