StandUp for Kids – Orange County Holiday Party 2023

Jan 18, 2024

Nothing embodies the season of giving like the StandUp for Kids’ youth holiday party! On an early December morning, youth, their families, staff, and volunteers gathered for festivities at the Crossing Church. Tables were lined with candy canes and decorated with red and green centerpieces. As families arrived, holiday music played, and games of musical chairs created a joyful atmosphere.

In the hallway of the church, a steaming taco bar was set up for guests to enjoy. Chicken, beef, and pork tacos accompanied by rice and beans, with pizza served alongside. Our youth and attendees enjoyed their lunch, conversing with friends and family, until Santa made a special appearance.

Santa greeted all the party guests, and names of our youth were called one by one to receive their gift and take a picture with Santa. In total, over 100 presents were gifted to our youth. In a chorus of laughter, the children and their families unwrapped their gifts, revealing the treasures that hide beneath.

The holiday party is an important event at StandUp for Kids; it gives our staff a chance to create holiday magic for our youth and their families. Odette, one of our college aged youths, shared what she received: a car cleaning supply kit and dog toys for her Golden Labrador. The Rios family, a family with six daughters, excitedly showed off their gifts including a doctor’s play set, art supplies, new clothes, board games, and toys. One of the daughters expressed the happiness the holiday party brought her, and how meaningful it was to be thought of and cared for.

The holidays aren’t an easy time for everyone, especially when money is tight and spirits are low. A holiday party serves as a moment for friends to show love and gratitude to each other in any way they can. StandUp for Kids creates fun and memorable events for our youth that demonstrate our care and our devotion. We hope to continue with more celebrations in 2024.