Thank You Kia Motors!

Apr 29, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Olympia

Recently, Kia motors announced that they were donating $1 million to organizations working in youth homelessness, and StandUp for Kids is one of their chosen organizations! Kia Motor’s dedication to our mission and investment in our staff, volunteers, and the work we do is heartening.

Throughout Covid-19, our incredible StandUp For Kids – Olympia team has continued to reach out to youth, delivering snacks bags, hygiene packs, masks, and other essentials. The streets that were once filled with bustling restaurants and lively shops are now quiet, and our homeless youth are feeling the isolated effects the virus has taken on our community.

The need for basic survival necessities has not disappeared, but the way to receive these necessities has become much more challenging. Crowding into shelters to receive food or spend the night risks the safety and health of our youth and homeless community. While many precautions to fight covid-19 are more difficult for our youth to take, Kia Motors has allowed our chapter to help and do our part in continuing to serve a vulnerable population.

With Kia’s generous donation to our organization, we will be able to gather supplies to make hundreds more snack and hygiene packs. Being able to deliver these packs to our youth greatly helps to alleviate the stress of entering a crowded environment where proper social distancing is not possible. These packs include necessities many of us take for granted, including soap, shampoo, band-aids, protein bars, Kleenex, and so much more. Kia’s continuous support for the work we do is unmatched, and we are extremely grateful they have chosen to use their platform to speak out about the challenges our homeless youth are facing during this unstable time.