A Big Thank You To All of Our Volunteers!

Apr 17, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

With the coming arrival of National Volunteer Week, StandUp for Kids would like to take a moment to highlight the contributions of its volunteers who strive each day to provide a better future for youth and students.

Volunteers at StandUp for Kids know the importance of mentorship in the development of youth. Amidst a crisis that has caused so much uncertainty, volunteers at StandUp for Kids have remained determined and resolute in supporting their youth. 

The closure of schools has negatively impacted students because they no longer have access to a stable personalized learning environment. It’s an unprecedented situation that sees many students forced to understand introduced academics concepts on their own.

The volunteers at StandUp for Kids understand the plight of students which is why they’ve made efforts to fill this void by scheduling virtual tutoring sessions with their students.

Sessions can be individualized one-on-ones where students are given more personalized tutoring that tailors to their questions and needs.

Others are group settings where there are multiple students and there is an environment similar to a classroom to give the youth a feeling of familiarity. It’s also where students can interact with their friends who they no longer can meet up with on a daily basis.

Volunteers have also allocated time towards having conversational sessions with their youth. These conversations are a safe space for students to allow them to speak freely and express their feelings.

Now more than ever students need an avenue where they can spill out their emotions instead of having to internalize it all.

This effort comes from compassion combined with a belief that everybody deserves equal access and opportunity for success no matter their circumstance.  The volunteers at StandUp for Kids see the limitless potential of each youth that comes through.  It’s a mindset that any youth can achieve greatness if provided the right support and mentorship. 

This desire to help is reflected in the actions of volunteers at StandUp for Kids like Martha. Martha was someone who grew up around those who didn’t have access to the necessary resources that allow for success. She knew that when the time came, she wanted to be involved in an organization that helped provide these resources. 

 “I feel like I was privileged. I had a lot of things that most of my friends didn’t have growing up. I just wanted to give back to the community and be kind of that person that can set an example for a kid,” said Martha.

With the crisis volunteers at StandUp for Kids have stepped up embracing the significance of the moment redoubling their efforts to provide for their youth. People from all walks of life have come together.

“It’s also been inspiring to see dozens of volunteers from college kids, working adults and retirees come together to make a real difference to these kids. But most importantly, I’m motivated by the look in the kid’s eyes when someone steps forward to say ‘I’ll be the one in your life to help make a difference,”’ said Greg, a volunteer mentor.

It’s those like Martha and Greg who make StandUp for Kids a safe space for youth and who allow for it to be a productive learning environment even amidst a crisis. StandUp for Kids is and will always be eternally grateful to all of its volunteers for their desire and willingness to help those in need.