Seabreeze Management Company and CEO Isaiah Henry Partners with StandUp for Kids

Aug 4, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Orange County

Seabreeze visited our Anaheim center and brought dinner to our kids

30 years ago, Seabreeze was created as a community management company who manages commercial and residential properties with a greater goal of bettering the community around them— connecting and developing relationships with clients, as well as building connections with local charities.

After speaking with CEO and company owner of Seabreeze Management Company, Isaiah Henry, it is clear that he and his team genuinely value the relationships they create with their clients and care about the community around them and will do whatever they can to help others.

CEO Isaiah Henry

Henry explained that his upbringing wasn’t very traditional, much like the kids in StandUp for Kids. His mother worked multiple jobs, and helped instill a good work ethic and a sense of drive in Henry at a young age. A few mentors along the way also helped guide his energy in the right direction, teaching him that having someone to lean on is important in helping yourself and others as well.

Seabreeze Management Company’s dedication to giving back to local charities is more than just talk. Henry serves on the Board of the Saddleback College Foundation and supports local charities like Casa Teresa, OC Ronald McDonald House and many others; which is why StandUp for Kids is ecstatic to have Isaiah and Seabreeze’s passion and drive alongside us. During a staff meeting, Henry asked his employees to pick an area of focus where his team would like to help out and youth was a majority vote. So, a few employees of the Seabreeze Charity Community found StandUp for Kids and immediately got involved.

“When people think of kids who need help, they often think of babies. Sadly, as these kids get older, many become lost. The truth is, many people just aren’t as interested in helping 13 or 14 year olds,” Henry said. “At Seabreeze, we have team members who are in their late teens and early 20s, and each one is an exemplary employee and exceptional person. So, when it came time for Seabreeze to partner with an organization where we can invest our time and resources, StandUp for Kids was the obvious choice. Not only do we love their mission, we know that in just a few short years, some of those previously forgotten kids could become a part of our team. And we hope that happens.” Henry recognizes that StandUp for Kids is important because these kids and young adults need someone to stand up for them, to guide them and help them excel in this stage of their life in order set themselves up for future success.

Seabreeze immediately got involved directly by coming to our Anaheim location with dinner and interacting with the youth directly (this was pre-COVID-19).  They also came on board as a Gold Sponsor for our upcoming virtual gala and were a key group that supported our 1st Annual End Youth Homelessness Virtual Walk & Run.  The organization has jumped in with both feet and have made a big impact in a very short period of time.  Executive Assistant Angela DeNuccio has been a key communicator and coordinator and her energy has fueled the partnership alongside Henry’s leadership.

Seabreeze staff participate in an icebreaker with our youth

Henry feels as though StandUp for Kids is right where Seabreeze is, on the brink of doing amazing things and achieving greatness. With Henry and Seabreeze as a partner for StandUp for Kids, as well as support from all donors, volunteers, staff and board members we couldn’t agree more.

StandUp for Kids thanks Henry and Seabreeze Management Company for their support and eagerness to get involved. We know that putting our hearts and minds together we will accomplish great things. If you or your company want to find ways to support the at-risk and homeless youth of Orange County please email [email protected] and we’ll get you going!