Santa Clara Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Is Helping Local Homeless Youth

Mar 24, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Silicon Valley 

If you are raising your kids in our public-school system, you probably heard about or even been an active PTA member. PTA is the link that brings parents and teachers together to strengthen your child’s school community. But did you know that they also offer a wealth of support to local nonprofit organizations?

StandUp For Kids – Silicon Valley is proud to be one of the beneficiaries that got selected from the Santa Clara Unified Council of PTAs (SCU Council PTA) again. Like last year, our leadership team got invited to receive an “Award of Good Citizenship”. Anna Garcia, who is holding the position of the Legislation Chair, said that “the SCU Council PTA is truly excited to be able to contribute to the StandUp For Kids’ mission to end the cycle of youth homelessness. Supporting StandUp for Kids goes along with the PTA’s mission to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.” Yes, every child counts and together we can and will make a difference!

Many of the 22 schools in the district, no matter if Elementary, Middle or High School made a generous donation to StandUp for Kids – much needed funds that go directly back to our four core programs:

– Street Outreach (Canvassing streets twice a month, at the moment on hold due to the Covid 19 outbreak)

– our Outreach Center “The Village” (open 5 times a week)

– Mentoring

 – Housing Support

At last year’s PTA Council Spring Dinner, our long-term volunteer Jeannette Weedermann was honored to accept the PTA award for our 100% run by volunteer organization StandUp For Kids – Silicon Valley. After her short speech of the daily impact of StandUp For Kids – Silicon Valley, dinner participants reached out to her and wanted to help. Looking at all the extra food from the event, people started packaging leftover dishes. Jeannette was humbled to bring back several trays of delicious and nutritious food to the outreach center The Village to feed numerous hungry bellies of homeless youth the next day.

Due to Covid-19, this year’s ceremony got postponed to April. StandUp For Kids – Silicon Valley is grateful for the recognition of SCU Council PTA to bring awareness to the problem of about 3500 homeless youth, ages 12-24 years old, living in Santa Clara County. The funds will help us continue our work: increase and improve the services we offer to help end the cycle of youth homelessness.