April 2020 Supporter Spotlight: Kim Severini

Apr 3, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

Kim Severini, originally from the east coast, is a retired executive in sales and marketing in the travel sector and has worked with various airlines, hotels and even Disney. After working in the travel sector for a number of years. Kim retired and eventually moved to the west coast where she became acquainted with Justine Palmore at a local church. Kim had always had a heart for communal involvement and charity and made it a priority to devote her time and resources to giving back to the community post-retirement. Kim and Justine’s budding friendship led Kim to StandUp for Kids.

For Kim local, national and international charity support has been a staple in her life. Even more acutely, equipping and empowering youth has been Kim’s primary focus when it comes to her time and resources. Kim currently partners with other organizations outside of StandUp for Kids such as Mentoring USA and Compassion International, both of which she has been a part of for many years. However, Kim’s heart is especially attuned to the mission of StandUp for Kids due to StandUp’s values and intentions.

“What I love about the organization is you’re catching a vulnerable kid and changing the trajectory of their life.” Kim expresses. “You see the kids and you see them move along through their journey and year after year you’ll see the same kid and they’re two different people.”

Kim has continued to play a key role in the success of StandUp for Kids’ mission and we thank her for her ceaseless support and her compassionate heart. Because of her contributions of resources and time, StandUp for Kids is propelling our youth towards greatness and making a difference in youth homelessness.