June Is Pride Month And SUFK Is Here To Support!

Jun 11, 2017

Meet Carl, a youth that comes to our Outreach Center, The Village.

“In my opinion The Village is the very definition of human compassion.  When I walk through the door I am greeted with hugs, a warm meal, a chance to clean up, get clothes and wash the ones I have.

I know that if I’m struggling I can go to any of the staff who volenteer their hands , ears , eyes and hearts without hesitation so that we may have a chance and they will listen.  Everyone is calm and polite, almost always and when things do get out of hand the staff are quick to sort out whatever the issue is. 

When I first arrived there I was immediately asked what my pronouns were and how the staff could best support me, they even asked for me to tell them when I was scheduled for top surgery so they could visit.  It was shocking to see so many people from so many different backgrounds, talking, joking and sharing a meal around the table as if we were at a family gathering.  We often have meaningful convesations that are respectful and honest while also allowing for everyone’s opinion.

Then when it is time to go we are sent off with a bag of snacks, more hugs, and a reminder to be safe and take care of ourselves.  They say there is no place like home, in that case, The Village is home.”