48 Hours – San Diego Style

Jun 9, 2017

Why “48 Hours”?

The first 48 hours a kid is out on the streets are crucial. They are the most vulnerable, scared, alone and often victims of crime or assault. Our goal with every 48 Hours event is to promote awareness and also help as many kids as we can for 48 consecutive hours.

The 48 hour weekend began Friday, April 28, 2017 and ran until Sunday, April 30, 2017. Our goal was to extend operational hours and services and bring more awareness to the community about youth homelessness in San Diego.  

We had the opportunity for our street kids to become “kids” with fun excursions to Belmont Park and the giant roller coaster, Camp Land By the Bay (beach side activities),  movie night, access to haircuts and stylists, endless food and snacks and, most importantly, a safe haven for the 48 hours.

We are grateful to all of our volunteers, sponsors and donors who makes this possible.