February 2021 Supporter Spotlight: Ted Quinn

Feb 12, 2021

StandUp for Kids – Orange County

Now more than ever, the work of our volunteers, donors, and mentors at Stand Up for Kids – Orange County deserves to be highlighted and acknowledged. Their commitment and kindness have helped ease the burden for our youth who face adversity each and every day

StandUp for Kids recognizes Edward “Ted” Quinn with the distinction of Supporter of the Month for February 2021.

Ted is a StandUp for Kids – Orange County advisory council member. He has served with excellence since his appointment in December 2020. In addition to serving as an council member for StandUp for Kids, Ted is also the president of Technology Resources, a consulting and management company for the nuclear industry. Ted is an accomplished individual in his field and brings a wealth of management experience in his advisory role at StandUp for Kids.

Along with his responsibilities as an advisory council member, Ted is a chair of our annual car show event that raises funds to end the cycle of youth homelessness in Orange County by supporting our program’s youths in their mission to become self-sufficient. Ted also contributes vital resources to our virtual STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) program for our school-aged youth.

Before being appointed to our advisory council, Ted was a StandUp for Kids youth mentor and advocate. He’s built a lifelong connection and friendship with a youth in our program, Isaac, a young man who has experienced a great deal of hardship in his life. Ted has worked tirelessly to help Isaac gain the independence he deserves. Ted’s dedication helped Isaac obtain a

vehicle to ease his commute to work and helped secure his place in a re-housing program that ensures a permanent residence for Isaac. Ted exhibits all the values that StandUp for Kids strives for.

Ted is also a member of our cherished Champions for Youth monthly giving community. His monthly support helps create a future for the kids we serve every day, every month, every year. This community of like-minded individuals helps us better plan what we can offer and is continuously helping to end the cycle of youth homelessness for the 31,000 at-risk and homeless youth aged 12-24 in Orange County! If you would like to join this community alongside Ted please join here.

StandUp for Kids – Orange County is appreciative of the work done by Ted and the countless volunteers and mentors that give their time to help shape a better future for our youth. If you’re like Ted and you want to make a difference in the lives of youths, you can learn more by emailing [email protected] today.