August 2020 Supporter Spotlight: Abe Neudorf & Skyline Consultants

Aug 14, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Orange County

Abe Neudorf is the 25-year-old co-founder of Skyline Consultants. Abe grew up in Rochester, New Hampshire with six younger siblings all of which were homeschooled. Abe’s love for children and working to improve their lives started in his very own household. In 2004 Abe’s family bought a small business and grew it 3 to 4 times its original standing. Through this experience, Abe learned how to function and expand an organization.

“Being homeschooled allowed me to spend a lot of my time working with my family and the business and learning how businesses work, learning how organizations work…and really what it takes to grow them.”

In 2012 Abe moved to Los Angeles to study business management. His childhood was the catalyst for his interest in business and Abe was looking to learn more. As a result, in 2014 Abe joined the Army Reserves and worked as an intelligence analyst for about a year.

“That military training is where I started to learn how to take any situation, quickly analyze the situation, and identify the key factors…”

After being in the military for a year, Abe focused on his professional career. He learned about sales, due to its necessity in all fields of business. He worked in sales for a year before looking for new endeavors.

“I didn’t really enjoy it [sales] but I actually really enjoyed the software that I was using to sell more than I actually liked selling.”

It was in this sales role with software that Abe really found his niche. He was hired by a company to set up their software systems to manage sales and operational processes. Over the next two years, he learned how to develop and customize software for companies.

In 2018, Abe started Skyline Consultants with his business partner Aliona Chertash. Aliona is proficient in the technical realm of programming and Abe leads in the business affairs aspects of the company. Skyline Consultants has worked with various small to medium-sized companies both domestically and internationally. These companies include both businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Abe came across StandUp for Kids by way of a referral from Jason Makevich of Greenlight Information Services, recently named a Top 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the country for 2020. Jason has been a key supporter of StandUp for Kids for years and he introduced StandUp to Abe early this year. Abe’s love for kids and families made him excited about the opportunity to improve the technology infrastructure of our growing non-profit..

“Me being the oldest of seven siblings, I absolutely love kids and families and I’ve always had this kind of very protective nature and the opportunity just excited me. It felt like the perfect fit for us…”

Abe met with StandUp for Kids executives after consulting with his team and felt there were many opportunities for Skyline and StandUp for Kids to collaborate. Skyline is currently working on designing a new case management system to optimize youth records and tracking and eliminate the need for physical documentation within the office. Abe, Aliona and the Skyline team has their sights set on further transformation of the organization nationally to optimize technology solutions to allow StandUp for Kids to do what they do best, work directly with at-risk and homeless youth. We thank Abe, Aliona and Skyline Consultants for their support and aid and look forward to further improving an already devoted and dedicated team. If you or your company want to get involved and support the at-risk and homeless youth population of Orange County please email us at [email protected].