Thank You Paula From State Farm!

Aug 18, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Kitsap County

For the first time ever, someone in our community has decided to sponsor StandUp for Kids for a whole year, and we want to thank Paula Weissinger from State Farm Agency for doing just that. Paula will be sponsoring us along with five other non-profits in Kitsap County. We are so honored to have been chosen.

You can deposit old pocket change, piggy bank coins, or a jar of change into the coin kiosk that you see above located in the center court of the Kitsap Mall and six Kitsap charities will benefit from your generosity.

Making a difference, one coin at a time.

Paula and her team have over 35 years of knowledge with State Farm. If you’re in need of a quote or an insurance comparison, please give Paula a call at 206.855.0855