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StandUp For Kids Outreach Center Opens!

StandUp For Kids - Worcester is happy to announce that the opening of their Outreach Center has been a great success. Partnering with several local organizations, the center is located in a newly renovated house in the heart of Worcester. Through the StandUp For Kids space, local youth have access to showers, a washer and dryer, computers, and more. Through partners in the house, the youth also have access to employment assistant services, meeting spaces, an arts and crafts area, a free resource library, and more. The center is managed by volunteer counselors and is open for four hour blocks several days each week.

The benefits of the center and this strategic partnership were clear within the first couple weeks. The young adults initially contacted through street outreach now have a place to go and a place to find the services they need. They have strengthened their relationships with outreach counselors and even developed connections with each other.

Brenna Merrill, Director of Youth Outreach for StandUp For Kids - Worcester, is originally from just outside Chicago but came to Worcester to attend Clark University. She currently oversees each shift at the center. "Street outreach is incredibly useful in making contact with different people in the city and helping them with their current needs," she said. "The outreach center, on the other hand, provides a place for young adults to come, seek respite, and receive more long-term services."

Stay updated on the center by following on social media: @SUFKWorcester on Twitter & "StandUp For Kids - Worcester" on Facebook.

SpencerBANK Supports StandUp For Kids!

SpencerBANK recently donated $1,000 to StandUp For Kids - Worcester, the local chapter of a national organization dedicated to stabilizing and rescuing homeless and at-risk youth. The donation will help ensure that a StandUp For Kids drop-in center is established.

StandUp For Kids - Worcester, like the more than 35 other StandUp For Kids chapters in more than 18 states across the U.S., works directly with the homeless youth on the streets, at drop-in centers, in local schools and via the internet. As of yet, the Worcester chapter of StandUp For Kids, which serves all of Worcester county, still lacks a drop-in center.

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SparKreations Expressive Works in Paper

Artist, Lisa Siciliano, specializes in translating time-honored art forms into contemporary expression. She is a paper engineer, incorporating dimensional folds and movement into her creations.

Lisa’s lifelong professional career has been devoted to non-profit human services work, during much of which she was a leading advocate (both appointed and elected) in her state to ensure adequate funding for services for those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Along the way she has worked as a college professor, and executive directed an international program to fund the education of girls in east African countries.

Remaining true to her professional roots, she is committed to donating a portion of SparKreations’ profits to support the work of non-profit organizations. Lisa launched the SparKreations Non-Profit Partnership Program in 2011. A portion of the profits from sales of her artwork are donated to support the work of non-profit organizations of her choosing. The current recipient is StandUp for Kids - Worcester.

Check out her website at!

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Big StandUp For Kids Thank You's to:

First Unitarian Church of Worcester donating $1700 from a 50/50 Sunday Plate collection at one of the Christmas masses in 2013. This has been the biggest collection up to this date.

Jericho Roads for providing a coach for the Volunteer Executive Director of the Worcester Program. The coach, Joan Russo, was a big asset to building the Worcester Board of Directors and strategic planning for opening the Outreach Center, also connecting SUFK with the First Unitarian Church's donation and the Artist Lisa Siciliano, who is donating of a portion of her income from her wonderful artwork this year.

Mr. Marty and Helen Wright, Dr. Robert Gise, and the Spencer Savings Bank employees for the donations for the Washer and Dryer. The washer and dryer have been delivered to the Outreach Center. YEAH!!!

Abbie and Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation for the $410.00 donation. Thank you, Abbie and Maribeth for your continued support of our work!!

Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation for the $2,500 for our work during the Holiday season.

All the people who donated and came to the fundraiser at Jillian’s!! That means you: Dennis and Alisha, Megan, Jane, Steven and Judith, Kyle and Matt.

Gayle Kasparian, Linda Gregory, and Holly Morissey for the clothing donations.

Laura from the Ole’ Restaurant for the food and office supplies and hygiene donations.

Mike Eaton and Rita for the food donation.

Abbey Kelly Foster Charter School - food collection and donation.

Robin Caracciolo and the Religious Education Classes of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester for all the wish-list items for the Holiday Meal.

UMass Memorial NICU nurses for the gifts for the youths and the children of the youths

Devra Kotel for the fast food gift card donation.

Paula Beaver, Gayle Kasparian, Clara Wolf, Mary Siminovich and The Four Elements for the clothing donations.

Quinsigmond United Methodist Church for the clothing donation.

Joanna Channell for the Hat donation.

Abbey's House for the new "Life is good" t-shirt donation.

PURE JUZ for the juice donated to the Outreach Center and the April Orientation.

PURE JUZ for the clothing items from a collection at PURE JUZ.

Teen for Jeans donation of 134 pairs of jeans.

Wesley United Methodist Church for use of rooms for meetings for 2015.



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