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Street Outreach in Silicon Valley

May 9 2019

StandUp for Kids - Silicon Valley Hardworking, dedicated volunteers hitting the streets early Saturday mornings lead by our team leads Cat & Eric.  The dynamic duo works hard to plan a different route each time in hopes to find youth living on the streets. This Saturday was the best outreach yet! Joined by Enoch and Kristin, the sun was shining, the birds chirping and the first person they met was a youth!  During a 4 mile route they encountered many encampments along the freeway on/off ramps and were surprised to see some right on McLaughlin Ave. a popular, busy street in San Jose. They ran into many teams cleaning up in the area as there must have been sweeps recently. ...

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A Volunteer Determined to Make a Difference

March 12 2019

StandUp for Kids - Silicon Valley Kristin has a heart of gold volunteering diligently with StandUp For Kids, determined to make a difference in the life of homeless youth. She’s a constant face at our Outreach Center, The Village, bringing positive energy, smiles and hope to the 100 kids we see each week. Kristin understands the issues they face and decided to become a mentor to one of our youth who struggles with addiction. She believes in this young man and is dedicated to showing him a caring hand that isn’t going away. Kristin meets with him regularly which goes to show she is in it for the long run. In her meetings, Kristin builds trust so that this young man will soon ...

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Busy as a bee: Beautiful Day, Jog-A-Thon and Fundraisers

May 14 2018

The last two weekends in April ended up to be quite busy for StandUp For Kids - Silicon Valley. This year we used the annual "48 Hours Event" to make improvements and renovations to our Outreach Center, The Village. With the endless help and support of "Beautiful Day" (volunteers of West Gate Church), every room got turned upside down with makeovers and updates. The kids came in and loved the organized, bright & 'uncluttered' rooms. Thank you for your hard work, Beautiful Day! This week SUFK - Silicon Valley was honored that Casa di Mir Montessori School picked us as their charity recipient. Our Executive Director, Michele Huntzinger, went to the school and loved the Q&A with ...

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Volunteers Making A Difference in Silicon Valley

March 12 2018

Our Outreach Center, The Village, is open 5 days a week, where our volunteers help homeless youth for a couple of hours showing support and lending a caring hand. Mario shares his story of one night making a difference.  “I’m currently helping Luis right now try to obtain his birth certificate. We are running into some issues with it and when speaking with him last night he shared with me that he has been running into all these roadblocks and it is making him want to use again. I validated his feelings of frustration and anger as well as expressed support by saying anyone in a StandUp For Kids shirt is here for him if he needs to talk and that he along with everyone ...

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Look What We Did Together in 2017

January 25 2018

A year of highlights from Eddy Ameen, PhD, National Board Chair   Your support and involvement in our mission has helped make 2017 a standout year for StandUp For Kids. Our central responsibility is to our nation’s young people faced with homelessness, whether temporary or longer term. No matter the circumstances that got them there. No matter the work that needs to be done to help them transition them into safe, stable chapters of their lives. We are deeply humbled by this responsibility, and held fiercely to it through the political tumult of 2017. When some of our youth felt unwelcome, we stood taller to welcome them. In 2017, we worked with over 2,200 youth for the first ...

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Homeless, Hungry and Cold in Silicon Valley

November 15 2017

Silicon Valley: Riches all around us. One of the most expensive cities in the US to live in. Over 2500 homeless youth living on our streets.  Can you imagine?  Our Director of Training, Mario Rocha, took on the adventure of being homeless for four days. Here is his story. I decided to do something that I never thought I would experience in my life. I chose to go homeless for four days. No shelter, no food, no liquids. I did this in order to gain a better understanding of what our homeless youth have to endure day in and day out. I wanted to humanize a dehumanized group. It is one thing to have sympathy because I genuinely want to help, but it’s another thing to know what it ...

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