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November 8 2018

          November was first declared as National Homeless Youth Awareness Month in 2007. Since then, November has been a time to acknowledge those children and families experiencing homelessness. As many as 2.5 million youth per year experience homelessness. Along with losing their home, community, friends, and routines as well as their sense of stability and safety, many homeless youth are also victims of trauma. While trying to survive on the streets, youth are exposed to countless dangers, with an increased likelihood of substance abuse, early parenthood, impulsivity, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and a vulnerability to being trafficked.San Diego ...

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Our National Conference is Less Than a Month Away!

August 31 2018

The StandUp For Kids National Conference is a highlight of the year, and something you will remember for the rest of your life. It is the biggest effort to bring us together and serve under one big banner. The location of our 2018 conference location will be Atlanta, Georgia, and will run from Friday, September 28 through Sunday September 30. The energy, the excitement, the connections, and the skills are just too important to pass up! Details: Agenda and registration: Find this info at Registration closes September 10. Conference location: The American Hotel, located in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The $149/night room block must be booked by September ...

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Join StandUp For Kids - San Diego New Volunteer Training!

June 22 2018

StandUp For Kids - San Diego has scheduled our next volunteer training. Saturday July 7, 20181:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Our drop in center is open 6 nights a week (Sunday – Friday) If you are available on one of those nights (weekly) from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., we would love to have you as a volunteer.  You must be 18 years old to volunteer. Additionally you'll be filling out paperwork for a background check as we are working with at risk youth.  The BI check and t-shirt  is $20 and we accept cash or check.  Please make out checks to StandUp For Kids.  For cash, please have exact change as we do not carry cash at the center. StandUp For Kids - San Diego ...

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Look What We Did Together in 2017

January 25 2018

A year of highlights from Eddy Ameen, PhD, National Board Chair   Your support and involvement in our mission has helped make 2017 a standout year for StandUp For Kids. Our central responsibility is to our nation’s young people faced with homelessness, whether temporary or longer term. No matter the circumstances that got them there. No matter the work that needs to be done to help them transition them into safe, stable chapters of their lives. We are deeply humbled by this responsibility, and held fiercely to it through the political tumult of 2017. When some of our youth felt unwelcome, we stood taller to welcome them. In 2017, we worked with over 2,200 youth for the first ...

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Because of You

December 15 2017

Angel is a beautiful 20-year-old with three babies and quite a story – one with a happy ending, we hope, although the journey is just getting started. Angel (not her real name) had a hard beginning. She was molested at 12 by her mother's boyfriend. Shortly after that, she was raped by a 25-year-old family member. Her mother was not available much due to issues with drugs. Not surprisingly, Angel smoked and partied until she was 16. She then slowed down to give birth to the first of three beautiful girls. Shortly thereafter, Angel, the baby, and Angel's mother left their city, and an abusive relationship, to start a new life in Tijuana, Mexico. Angel met and fell in love with the ...

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Cassie's Story, in Her Own Words

October 13 2017

I was about 15 or 16 years old when I first heard about StandUp For Kids.  A few friends I was hanging out with introduced it to me.  I’ve been coming to the StandUp For Kids Outreach Center for almost seven years now and they have helped me since day one.  I wasn’t really doing much when I first started coming to the Center. I had dropped out of high school and was just hanging around. My mother and younger sister were living in a car outside my uncle’s house and I was just wandering around not doing anything. I told StandUp about my situation and they weren’t judgmental and did not make me feel worse. They encouraged me to go back to ...

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