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Cassie's Story, in Her Own Words

October 13 2017

I was about 15 or 16 years old when I first heard about StandUp For Kids.  A few friends I was hanging out with introduced it to me.  I’ve been coming to the StandUp For Kids Outreach Center for almost seven years now and they have helped me since day one.  I wasn’t really doing much when I first started coming to the Center. I had dropped out of high school and was just hanging around. My mother and younger sister were living in a car outside my uncle’s house and I was just wandering around not doing anything. I told StandUp about my situation and they weren’t judgmental and did not make me feel worse. They encouraged me to go back to ...

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48 Hours - San Diego Style

June 9 2017

Why "48 Hours"? The first 48 hours a kid is out on the streets are crucial. They are the most vulnerable, scared, alone and often victims of crime or assault. Our goal with every 48 Hours event is to promote awareness and also help as many kids as we can for 48 consecutive hours. The 48 hour weekend began Friday, April 28, 2017 and ran until Sunday, April 30, 2017. Our goal was to extend operational hours and services and bring more awareness to the community about youth homelessness in San Diego.   We had the opportunity for our street kids to become “kids” with fun excursions to Belmont Park and the giant roller coaster, Camp Land By the Bay (beach side ...

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Coming to StandUp For Kids Feels Like Coming Home

May 31 2017

That’s how it felt when I first met the amazing volunteers and kids at StandUp For Kids my Junior year of college, and that’s how it felt again when I returned this year as a Senior in college leading the new group of 11 New York City college students that I had been a member of the year before. Every Spring Break, Fordham University (through an incredible program called Global Outreach) sends multiple groups of student led teams to different cities, both domestic and international, to enter into new communities and learn about social justice issues facing the people who live there. One of our oldest partnerships is with StandUp For Kids in San Diego, California, and I am ...

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StandUp For Kids National Conference Lifetime Achievement Award

March 2 2017

This past October at the StandUp For Kids National Conference in Irvine, California, StandUp For Kids - San Diego Executive Director Teri Burg was awarded the inaugural StandUp For Kids Lifetime Achievement Award. Congratulations to you, Teri, and we look forward to many more years of your passion and dedication with StandUp For Kids - San Diego!  StandUp For Kids - San Diego Executive Director Teri Burg and Chairman of the Board Mike Zelnio Award presentation by Mike Zelnio, Chairman of the Board: We’ve moved on to our final award tonight, the Lifetime Achievement Award. It is presented on a periodic basis to anyone who, by their own efforts, has enhanced the reputation and ...

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Jimmy's Story

February 27 2017

Jimmy has been a street kid for the past 4 years, since he was 15. The outreach team found Jimmy playing his guitar outside of Horton Plaza and began building a relationship with him. Initially, Jimmy presented like a traveler and was just "hanging out temporarily" in San Diego but as time went by, it became more obvious that Jimmy was staying in the area. He began coming into the drop-in center once or twice a week to shower, get clean clothes and say hi. Initially, Jimmy was not open about his family or background history. He did say he had a father who lived locally but could not safely live with him because of past conflicts and his father's girlfriend didn't like him. Jimmy would ...

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San Diego Is A Winner Again!

February 27 2017

"A little before Thanksgiving each year Fortune 421 produces our Bowling for Turkey event. The event raises awareness and funds for Thanksgiving dinner and general needs for homeless youth of San Diego. The event takes place at East Village Tavern & Bowl and is home to the annual Industry Bowling Tournament. The bars, nightclubs, promotion companies and DJ groups of San Diego enter their best four players to compete for the championship and prizes. With 100% of the proceeds benefiting the StandUp For Kids Organization in San Diego, we’ve seen the event and our efforts grow. We couldn’t be more appreciative of all the support from the San Diego nightlife ...

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