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3 Key Homelessness Updates in the U.S. This Week

June 20 2018

By Zack Johnston The Western United States is experiencing some of the worst homelessness in decades, and we don’t seem to be finding a solution anytime soon. But thanks to the recent work of dedicated organizations and some passionate legislators, more and more people will get the help they need to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Homeless job training programs A London-based organization that supplies job training and employment is making its way to the U.S. Change Please is a startup that trains homeless individuals as baristas and employs them at their mobile and permanent coffee shops, according to the Huffington Post. Change Please was recently awarded $350,000 from ...

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T’keyah's Story - SUFK - Orange County

June 14 2018

Holding on to Hope and the Power of Positivity By T’keyah Edwards I am a girl. A girl with a very creative imagination. One that I bring to life. I believe that life is what you make it. The world is filled with so many beautiful places and people that are taken for granted. At the beginning of this year I was at rock bottom. Then I came across the law of attraction from a friend of mine. I realized that I could change my perspective on how I view situations in my life, so I started doing so. I started meditating and saying positive affirmations in my head. In no time I started attracting wonderful people who completely changed me. That’s how StandUp For Kids came into my ...

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Orange County 2018 Gala Recap

May 29 2018

The volunteers lined the entrance, ready to greet the 200+ guests. The room was sparkling with silky tablecloths, big beautiful centerpieces with purple hydrangeas, and strings of lights crossing the ceiling. Then it started. Hundreds of supporters, volunteers and the youth helped by StandUp For Kids filled the space with laughter and excitement for the evenings events. People in beautiful dresses and sharp suits began finding their seats and chattering about which silent auction items they had their eye on. The magician worked the room making things disappear and reappear to the shock and delight of the onlookers. Photo: Chuck Jones Center for Creativity The night continued with a ...

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JCPenney Comes Together to StandUp For Kids

April 12 2018

The JCPenney of Westminster came together to help us give five of our kids the opportunity to get the everyday necessities they need. Lori, the JCPenney general manager, loved our mission and received a $1,000 grant from corporate to help our kids. We honored T’keyah, Don, Tyler, Shea and Alyssa from our Orange County chapter and each of them were given $200 to shop for what they need while trying to get back on their feet.    “It means the world to me that people are so compassionate that they can give back to the world because there are not a lot of people who are this helpful” – T’keyah, StandUp For Kids - Orange County    Each of them ...

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Five Reasons to Attend SUFK - Orange County's Spring Gala

April 9 2018

Living here in Orange County, it’s easy to get distracted by the beautiful beaches, sports cars and wealth that is in abundance in sunny southern California, but the ever-increasing cost of living makes it very challenging for many of our residents to survive. According to the Orange County Department of Education, there are over 27,000 homeless students enrolled in a K-12 Orange County school. On top of that, there are additional homeless youth who aren’t in school and young adults who, in many cases, aged out of foster care. StandUp For Kids strives to end the cycle of youth homelessness by building communities that provide a support system and access to resources that ...

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Sarah's Story: A Volunteer That's Been There

March 15 2018

I missed school a lot from a young age. When I was in elementary school, I remember missing over a year of school because my family was dealing with a huge tragedy and homelessness. My mom raised me by herself and there was never a stable place for us. She tried her best to stay away from drugs and get whatever money she could so we could eat and have a place to stay whether it would be at her friends or a hotel. I remember us staying at her friend’s house sharing the couch for about a year, living in a cheap hotel and sometimes having to sleep in the car. Meet Sarah, a StandUp For Kids Volunteer   It seemed so normal to me that this was my life. At the same time, it was ...

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