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Sarah's Story: A Volunteer That's Been There

March 15 2018

I missed school a lot from a young age. When I was in elementary school, I remember missing over a year of school because my family was dealing with a huge tragedy and homelessness. My mom raised me by herself and there was never a stable place for us. She tried her best to stay away from drugs and get whatever money she could so we could eat and have a place to stay whether it would be at her friends or a hotel. I remember us staying at her friend’s house sharing the couch for about a year, living in a cheap hotel and sometimes having to sleep in the car. It seemed so normal to me that this was my life. At the same time, it was something I would never mention. None of my friends ever ...

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T’keyah’s Story: A New Beginning

February 19 2018

T’keyah is a hard-working bubbly spirit whose life fell off track as she was trying to get to a better place. At 24-years-old she found herself sleeping on the floor of an apartment until StandUp For Kids came along. Moving to Newport Beach from Bakersfield, T’keyah was looking to get out of her hometown for better opportunities by going to live with her friend. A couple months later, she found herself cleaning and taking care of a two-bedroom apartment with over six people living in it, with her friend’s mom expecting her to pay rent without an actual place to sleep. After hearing about StandUp for Kids from a coworker, T’keyah felt hopeful she could get to a ...

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Number of Homeless Students in Orange County for 2016-17

January 26 2018

There are over 27,000 homeless students (grades K-12) in our Orange County schools. Please keep in mind that these numbers do not include:  - Students that do not identify due to shame and/or fear, - Youth that are not in school due to their circumstances, - Young adults that are ages 18-25.  

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Look What We Did Together in 2017

January 25 2018

A year of highlights from Eddy Ameen, PhD, National Board Chair   Your support and involvement in our mission has helped make 2017 a standout year for StandUp For Kids. Our central responsibility is to our nation’s young people faced with homelessness, whether temporary or longer term. No matter the circumstances that got them there. No matter the work that needs to be done to help them transition them into safe, stable chapters of their lives. We are deeply humbled by this responsibility, and held fiercely to it through the political tumult of 2017. When some of our youth felt unwelcome, we stood taller to welcome them. In 2017, we worked with over 2,200 youth for the first ...

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Orange County's 2017 Annual Report

January 23 2018

Click the cover below to read our 2017 Annual Report.  

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Thanks for a Great 2017, Orange County!

January 10 2018

Thank you for making 2017 yet another amazing year!  You’ll be so proud of all we’ve accomplished together.   Because you care, here are some other major accomplishments from 2017 in our Orange County program: Supported over 350 un-duplicated youth Housed 105 un-duplicated youth Mentored 182 youth and young adults Provided nearly 3,000 instances of support Provided more than 2,500 meals Had a 39% increase in number of youth served 2017 vs. 2016 Logged more than 6,200 hours serving our children! Provided services 5 nights a week Had 2 Outreach Centers Open 4 nights a week  Formalized partnerships with CASA Youth Shelter, and HB Youth Shelter Orange County's ...

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