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How Brandon Sees It

November 27 2017

Brandon’s Story: In His Words I’m just a normal guy who grew up in Santa Ana and just wanted to work to earn my way through life.  It’s funny because at first, I wanted to prove to everyone that I could live on my own and I did.  I was making my own money, living at my own place, and doing whatever I wanted.  A typical day looked like this… I would wake up and go to work.  After work, I’d buy alcohol, use drugs, and spend time with my friends, just doing stupid stuff.  One day I woke up and didn’t like who I had become. I didn’t have a permanent place to stay anymore and had burnt all the bridges with my family. So I ...

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Why Alejandra Loves StandUp For Kids

September 21 2017

"They are here to help with our personal needs, school needs, and to guide us when we have don't have anybody on our side."  

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Meet Alejandra and Beto

August 22 2017

Alejandra, age 16, and Beto, age 15, are brother and sister who both attend weekly meetings at our Anaheim Outreach Center. The two of them were born in Mexico and grew up in Anaheim, CA. They left Mexico when Alejandra was 2 years old and Beto was 1. Currently, they live with their mom, dad, younger brother, and another family in a small apartment in Anaheim. Alejandra has been coming to the center since 2011. During that time, her father had just been deported back to Mexico and she was struggling both emotionally and academically due to issues in her home. She was responsible for most of the chores in her house, cooking for her siblings, and making sure they got to school. Going to the ...

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Greenlight Sets Students Up for Success

August 21 2017

By Megan Ayala A founder and CEO of a local IT company hopes to raise funds to deliver 50 new computers to the StandUp For Kids - Orange County outreach center in Anaheim, California. Jason Makevich of Greenlight Information Services, LLC, explained in his promotional video, “Schools are depending on web based content for much of their curriculum." To learn and succeed, it is fundamental that kids have regular access to a computer and to high-speed internet. Greenlight Information Systems, through Makevich's vision, has dedicated time and commitment to bringing numerous computers and services to our youth at the Anaheim center. It is Jason's passion for the project that has ...

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Meet Quis

July 17 2017

Quis, 21 years old, grew up in Blythe, CA. He says, “Where I’m from, people are dying left and right.” His mother was a gang member and Quis ended up following in her footsteps because he said they looked out for him and protected him more than his own family did. This isn’t the life he wanted but it’s the life he was born into. Consequently, Quis ended up with severe substance abuse issues. He says that he realized he had a problem when he could not even make it into work without being under the influence. With the plan to stop using drugs and create a life for himself, Quis reached out to his cousin who encouraged him to leave Blythe and come ...

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Meet Brittany

June 21 2017

Check out the video below to meet Brittany and hear her story.

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