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Jimmy's Story

Jimmy has been a street kid for the past 4 years, since he was 15. The outreach team found Jimmy playing his guitar outside of Horton Plaza and began building a relationship with him. Initially, Jimmy presented like a traveler and was just "hanging out temporarily" in San Diego but as time went by, it became more obvious that Jimmy was staying in the area. He began coming into the drop-in center once or twice a week to shower, get clean clothes and say hi.

Initially, Jimmy was not open about his family or background history. He did say he had a father who lived locally but could not safely live with him because of past conflicts and his father's girlfriend didn't like him. Jimmy would disclose little pieces of himself and then would disappear for months at a time. All we knew was his mother and younger brother were living in an abusive situation in TX. and his father was in a new relationship in which Jimmy was not welcomed. He lived on the streets and stayed mainly to himself.

For the rest of Jimmy's story, please click here.

Our annual 48 Hours event was a roaring success!

Local Contacts

Executive Director
Terilyn (Teri) Burg
Director of Volunteers
Stephanie Wilson
Director of Outreach Center Operations
Heather Fitzgerald
Director of Community Resource Development
Gene Lyons
Meal Coordinator
Suzy Cusmano

Upcoming Events

Help End the Cycle of Youth Homelessness in San Diego!


San Diego is a winner again!

A little before Thanksgiving each year Fortune 421 produces our Bowling for Turkey event. The event raises awareness and funds for Thanksgiving dinner and general needs for homeless youth of San Diego.

The event takes place at East Village Tavern & Bowl and is home to the annual Industry Bowling Tournament. The bars, nightclubs, promotion companies and DJ groups of San Diego enter their best four players to compete for the championship and prizes. With 100% of the proceeds benefiting the StandUp For Kids Organization in San Diego, we’ve seen the event and our efforts grow.

We couldn’t be more appreciative of all the support from the San Diego nightlife community to continue to support each year. We look forward to continuing to produce this fun event each year and hopefully even expand to other markets as our team grows!

For the past ten years Jason Herrick has sponsored Fortune’s Bowling For Turkey a benefit for StandUp For Kids - San Diego. We are so grateful for his continued support.

Check out the awesome article written by Brooke Beard of Locale wrote about StandUp For Kids. It includes an in depth interview with our Executive Director, Teri Burg, and stunning photographs by Nancy Villere.

Get Up, Stand Up: A Story About The Journey From Homeless To Hopeful

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