Mission and Vision


Ending the cycle of youth homelessness. 

We do this in cities across America, one youth at a time.


We strive to build communities where all youth know care, feel loved and have a support system to help them move quickly from surviving to thriving.


  • We believe in promoting a way of treating homeless youth that is unique and infectious.
  • Our role is to be care advocates, not case managers; friends, not service providers; community organizers, not the sole source of respite.
  • We treat each youth as an individual capable of making one’s own decisions.
  • We provide all youth with voice and choice.
  • We respect the individual diversity, beliefs and decisions of each youth.
  • We possess integrity and commitment. We aim never to make a promise we cannot keep.
  • We interact as role models.
  • We find creative and frugal solutions to a wide range of individual and community needs.
  • We forge connections and empower local communities and our nation to help homeless youth.
  • We are humble about our roles as volunteers; tireless in our efforts to help youth in need; and dedicated to our mission and vision.