For donation drop off or pick up please e-mail us at: Olympia@standupforkids.org.

Hygiene Packs (In Small Zip Lock Bag)

  • Small Shampoo/Conditioner (2 in 1)
  • Handy-Wipes
  • Small travel deodorant
  • Comb/Brush
  • Tooth Paste/ Tooth Brush (Travel Size)
  • Disposable Razor

Miscellaneous Items

  • Small Bottles of Water
  • Small Tubes of Lip Balm
  • Small Tubes of Sun Screen
  • Sewing Kits

Outreach Food Packets (Small Serving Sizes)

  • One Napkin & Plastic Ware Packet
  • Two Cartons Juice (small carton w/straw)
  • One Granola Bar
  • One Small (pop top) Pudding/Fruit Cup
  • One Small Box of Raisins
  • One Energy Bar
  • One Small (pop top) Beanie Weenie / Spaghetti, etc.
  • One Small Package of Chips

First Aid Kits (In Small Zip Lock Bag)

  • 2 Small Band Aids
  • 2 Large Band Aids
  • 2 Alcohol/Benadine Prep Pads
  • 2 Gauze Packs
  • 1 Small First Aid Cream

Contact Us for more ways to help: Olympia@standupforkids.org.