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We are currently looking for leadership volunteers to join the Olympia/Thurston County leadership team and help us get back out onto the streets of Olympia. If you are interested, please contact Kim at

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The mission of StandUp for Kids - Olympia/Thurston County is to stabilize youth who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, establish trust, and act as a resource linking youth with community services. We advocate for youth and assist them in building opportunities for a better tomorrow. StandUp for Kids provides community support services to youths up to the age of 24. StandUp for Kids provides important services in order to improve the general quality of life for youth. It helps youth meet their survival needs and offers a social support network. The program seeks to provide youth with access to a preventative safety net of medical care, meals, housing, and a safe place from street life.


The most important ingredient is the relationship established between StandUp for Kids volunteers and individual youth.  Youth can know and feel love and hope. Youth are the most vulnerable group of the homeless population and less likely to seek and receiveservices than older adults. Without intervention and assistance, they can become victims of trafficking, sexual abuse, and exploitation. In time, they may join the chronically homeless adult population.

Street Outreach

Street outreach is normally conducted on the streets. In order to reach homeless and street kids, you must go to where they live and hangout. Oftentimes this is on a busy street that attracts many people and/or tourists. Regardless of the actual location, it is likely to be outside and public. Volunteers reach out to youth living on the streets and offer sustaining snacks, while working to establish relationships and trust. Volunteers offer encouragement and an invitation of love and hope.

Mentoring and Counseling

Volunteers support, encourage and remind youth to meet personal goals that can improve their lives. Volunteers connect youth to resources, depending on the individual’s needs. Resources include (but are not limited to) educational and job referral assistance, medical and dental assistance.

Housing Assistance

Youth at risk of homelessness may have apartments, but are in danger of losing them. Volunteers provide knowledge and skills on how to understand and follow a lease, how to maintain an apartment, and how to cook and clean.

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