OC Outreach Center

Our Outreach Center is open five days a week. Youth can drop in and get groceries and receive support. Our team rapidly builds trust and offers individualized support through a safe space, a meal, or a meaningful conversation. Staff support youth with the development of Individual Support Plans, work with them as they access other supports within StandUp for Kids, or connect them to services throughout the broader community. These relationships are critical to helping youth take steps toward a better life. Ultimately, by accessing the center at Outreach, Youth can receive:

· Access to primary health care and counseling services

· Assistance accessing income support

· Support securing stable housing

· Support securing employment

· Connection to schooling or educational programs such as GED and College

· Safety plans for unstable or crisis situations

· Help securing ID’s, Birth Certificates, and opening bank accounts

· Support managing their mental health challenges

· Referrals to addictions counseling services

· Support reconnecting with family (if both suitable and safe)

· Access to phone and internet services

· Access to a community and expanded network of support

· Access to suite of programs at StandUp for Kids